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Are The Island Boys completely Broke? Here is what happened?



Are The Island Boys completely Broke Here is what happened


If you are an Island Boys fan, things must have been awesome for you as they have just released their official song. If you care about these twin brothers, you must know whether they are together or not as well. This article will explain Are the Island Boys completely broke, their biography, career, net worth, and more things you might want to know.

Are The Island Boys completely broke?

The former manager of island Boys Twins, Poker the Jew, had mentioned to the media that The Twin rappers are woe him about $150k, and they are broke now. According to Poker, the only way of flowing money into their lives is through cameo videos, and those videos have dried up.

Although the cameo has brought an income to them, there are Tiktok, social media influencing, and YouTube for making them lots of money. Therefore, we can still keep hopes about the twins. According to the fans of the Island Boys, Poker is angry as the boys have fired him. However, the twins have also not issued any statement regarding the allegations. As a fan, you can wait for their future work. As soon as we know more information, we will update them too.

Island Boys biography?

The Island boys twins were born in born in Florida, US. They are 21 years old, and they have birthdays on July 16. Although they are known as Island Rappers, they are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas. But, as they have said, their father is from Cuba. They are fraternal twins whose father died when the twins were kids. As we know, the father has died from a cardiac arrest.

They have been raised by a single mother who did not mind raising them at all. The island boys or Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas, have had their education in Florida, and it was not a long one. Although they attended good schools, their behavior was not good, and they had to get out of school soon.

The Island boys mentioned in interviews that charges against the twin boys regarded burglaries and car thefts, making them think about something better to make a living. They have also lived in a truck given by a gentleman in New Carolina.

The Island Boys Twins
The Island Boys Twins

Family and relationships

They have always backed each other, and that has been the best relationship. Although their Cuban father was a good person, the Twins mother was not a good mother to them. As we know, the kids have been kicked out by their adoptive mother after a short time after their father’s death.

Flyysoulja is raising a daughter. Still, we don’t know her name. Although he is married, we don’t know much about her. However, he has posted a few images of a woman and a child, and we don’t know if they are his wife and daughter. Franky Venegas is not married yet, and it seemed he was single until a few hints he gave recently. He had posted an Instagram video that featured a girl along with a caption, Get to know me”. We still don’t know who this girl is. The only relationship he has revealed is with his twin brother.


The commencement of the Island Boys’ career runs back to the times when they were in cages due to the burglaries they did. The twins met several people who had the same dream, to be a rapper and make their lives better. The duo was taken into the whole world by the song they did in 2021. Although they were on TikTok and other platforms, it was Twitter that did this.

The Twin rappers are well-settled on every platform at present, and Youtube is prominent among them. Flyysoulja – I’m An Island Boy (ft. Kodiyakredd) track has got 20,180,469 views currently on YouTube. Along with their own hairstyle, actions and vibes, rapping style, and unique tattoos, they will have a well-deserved career.

Island Boys twin’s Net worth

The net worth of Island Boys twins is $1M. The commissioned video, social media influencing, product sponsoring, and Youtubing are the ways of generating income for the Island Boys. Although the former manager, Poker, had stated that the brothers are broke and all dried up, there is nothing to see such things as they are enjoying their lives and increasing their growth on YouTube and Tik tok. As soon as we know of any changes in Island Boys’ twins’ Net worth, we will update them soon.

Social media

Island boys are available on Instagram with speared accounts. Both have got more than 1.3M followers on Instagram. When it comes to YouTube, the twins have 188K subscribers along with millions of views for their videos. Tiktok has been their most successful social media platform, and the Island Boys have 27.3B views so far. Even now, they are trendy on Tiktok as well.


What is Island Boys twins’ age?

The Island Boys twins are 21 years old and will celebrate their next birthday on July 16 next year.

How Tall are island boys twins?

They are 1.7 m tall.

What is the Island boys’ Twins’ nationality?

They are American. They have a Cuban relationship with the twins’ father as well.

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