Are The Island Boys completely Broke Here is what happened

Are the Island Boys broke? Here is what happened.

Island Boys are an American Hip hop duo well known on TikTok. In a podcast, their former manager, Dovi Bezner, AKA “Poker The Jew,” recently revealed that the Island Boys are broke. But according to our research, they are not broke and currently have about 2 million USD net worth.

Are the Island Boys broke?

In a recent episode on the “No Jumper Clips” YouTube channel published on June 20, 2022, their former manager Dovi Bezner claimed that the twin rappers owe him about $ 150,000. As Poker says, their income is mainly from cameo videos and TikTok, and they did Poker dirty. That’s why they are going bankrupt soon, as their former manager says.

Island Boys Former Manager Says They’re Broke & Possibly Gay

Currently, their main TikTok profile (@Kodiyakredd) is not active. It means now they have lost their TikTok earnings. But their cameo profile and other social media profile are still active. Therefore no one can’t say that Island Boys are completely broke

The twins have two TikTok profiles for each of them. They have published a replying video for comment on TikTok. In that video, he said, “why would I apply for a job? I make money.”

In most of their recent posts on Instagram and TikTok, the twins show off their luxury lifestyle. So, according to the facts we note from their social media profiles, the Island Boys are not broken.

What happened to the Island Boys?

The Twins released a song on YouTube on Jul 29, 2022. It seems they are not bankrupt whether the world says they are broke. They just lost one of the TikTok accounts only.

Where are the island boys now?

They are still in South Florida where they live. Their house is located in Coral Springs, Florida.

Is Island Boys Teeths Real Dimond?

On Logan Paul’s podcast, he asked them about their teeth are real diamonds or not. The twins say that they are real. Then Logan asked to test them because he has a diamond tester already.

First, they check the Rolex watch the tester shows that it’s a real one. Then checked the earrings and there is a real bust on the earrings. Finally, they checked the teeth, and the beeping indicates that the diamonds are real.

Biography And Early Life

The Island Boys twins were born in Florida, US. Now they are 21 years old, and their birthdays are on July 16. Their real names are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas

Their father was from Cuba, and he died from cardiac arrest when they were kids. They have been kicked out by their adoptive mother after a short time after their father’s death.

They had their education in Florida, and it was not a long one. Although they attended good schools, their behavior was not good, and they had to get out of school soon.

They have also lived in a truck given by a gentleman in New Carolina.

The Island Boys Twins

Family and relationships

Alex Venegas (flyysoulja) is raising a daughter. Still, we don’t know her name. Although he is married, we don’t know much about his wife. However, he has posted a few images of a woman and a child, and we don’t know if they are his wife and daughter.

Franky Venegas (kodiyakredd) is not married yet, and it seemed he was single until a few hints he gave recently. He had posted an Instagram post that featured a girl along with a caption, “Back like I never Left, She’s a keeper for a skreet sweepa.” The only relationship he has revealed is with his twin brother.

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Before they became famous as rappers, they had to be in jail for the burglaries they committed. Island Boys were taken into the whole world by the song they did in 2021, and it went viral on Twitter.

Twin rappers are well-settled on every platform at present, and TikTok and YouTube are prominent among them.

Their song titled “Flyysoulja – I’m An Island Boy ft. Kodiyakredd (Official Music Video)” has more than 19 million views on YouTube.

Island Boys twin’s Net worth 2023

Island Boys make their income from making videos on and other social media like Youtube and TikTok. We can see that they are enjoying a luxurious life when looking at their Instagram and TikTok. So we can believe that their net worth is about 2 million USD as of 2023.

Although the former manager, Poker, had stated that the brothers are broke and all dried up, there is nothing to see such things as they are enjoying their lives and increasing their growth on YouTube and TikTok.

Social media

They are well known as TikTokers. The twins have two TikTok profiles Kodiyakredd and Flyysouljah. Currently, the Kodiyakredd profile is not active. It was the most successful TikTok profile.

Their YouTube account Big Bag Ent has more than 200k subscribers and 139 million views.

YouTubeBig Bag Ent
TikTok@kodiyakredd Currently not active

Island Boys before tattoos

You know Island boys’ twins’ body skin filled with tattoos. Do you ever wonder what they look like without tattoos? Here we found a Twitter post before tattoos.

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What is Island Boys twins’ age?

Now they are 21 years old and will celebrate their next birthday on July 16 next year.

How Tall are island boys twins?

They are 1.7 m tall.

What is the Island boys’ Twins’ nationality?

They are American. They have a Cuban relationship with the twins’ father as well.

Are the Island Boys dead?

They are not dead. Still living in Soth Florida.

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