Island Boys Net Worth & How They Make Money

Island Boys Made It To 2 Million: Latest Net Worth Update

In 2021, the Venegas twins, Alex and Franky, became internet stars, earning around $2 million. From South Florida, their rise started with the catchy “I’m an Island Boy” on TikTok, showcasing their unique hairstyles. With a net worth of $2 million, these brothers go beyond regular content creation. With almost 278,000 subscribers and 201 million views on YouTube, they’re versatile creators. They’re not just about music; they’ve ventured into fashion with their clothing line.

Check out the story of Alex and Franky, the Island Boys, as they go from TikTok stars to creators and entrepreneurs. Read about their music, clothing line, and Cameo shoutouts. Dive into their online world by reading the article.

Key Takeaways

  • Island Boys gained fame with “I’m an Island Boy” on TikTok, becoming online music figures.
  • Beyond music, they launched a clothing line, showcasing versatility.
  • Island Boys monetize fame on YouTube and Cameo, showing business acumen.
  • Faced criticism for “incest-baiting” in 2023, revealing challenges of internet fame.
  • With a $2 million net worth, they invest in high-end items like jewelry and cars.

Island Boy’s net worth

Net worth 2023$ 2 Million
Net worth 2022$ 1.7 Million
Net worth 2021$ 1.4 Million
Net worth 2020$ 1 Million
Net worth 2019$ 0.8 Million

The Viral Sensation: “I’m an Island Boy”

In late 2021, the Island Boys got famous with their song “I’m an Island Boy,” first on Twitter and then TikTok. The catchy style and melody got lots of views, making the Venegas twins known in online music.

But, in July 2023, they faced criticism for something called “incest-baiting.” This means they posted videos of the twins kissing to promote their OnlyFans, showing the complications of internet fame and the problems it can bring.

How do the Island Boys make their money?


The Island Boys hit big on YouTube with Big Bag Ent, gathering 278,000 subscribers and 175 million views. Using YouTube’s AdSense, they’ve turned it into a lucrative income source. Their main channel, Big Bag Entertainment, boasts 278,000 subscribers and 201 million views, earning them around $77,000. It showcases their smart use of YouTube to enhance their net worth.


The Island Boys leverage their viral fame on Cameo, offering personalized shoutouts for $50 and business bookings for $500. Through their platform, Shoutouts for Sale, the twins have adeptly turned their celebrity status into a lucrative opportunity, highlighting their skill in monetizing their widespread recognition.


The Island Boys have crafted a merchandise lineup catering to their devoted fanbase. They offer a diverse range of products including t-shirts for $26, sweatshirts for $46, stickers, posters, home decor, and other unique knick-knacks. This merchandising strategy not only fosters a deeper connection with their fans but also serves as a substantial revenue stream for the Island Boys.

How do Island Boys invest and spend money?

The Island Boys have made smart choices with the money they earned online. With their newfound wealth, they decided to spend it on fancy things like jewelry, cool cars, and luxury watches. Their investment choices show that they want to enjoy the rewards of their success while also making smart decisions about where to put their money.


The Island Boys really like fancy, fast cars, and they often show them off on social media to let people know they’re doing well. They spent $72,000 on a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Car, and it’s one of the ways they share their love for cool and expensive cars with their fans.

Watches & jewelry

The Island Boys enjoy spending their money on fancy jewelry and watches. One of them bought a chain for $82,000, and that’s just the beginning.

They added more bling to their collection, like a $200,000 watch with diamonds all over it. This watch has a special look called steampunk, and it comes with a stylish chain.

Their whole collection of watches is worth $300,000, including a $25,000 Cartier watch. Cartier watches are known to be really good and can keep their value over time. So, if the Island Boys ever decide to sell their Cartier watch, they could make some extra money.

With a net worth of around $2 million, they can afford to buy luxury brands like Cartier and Audemar Piguet. So far, they’ve bought an $82,000 chain, a $200,000 Iced Out Audemar Piguet Skeleton watch, and a $25,000 Cartier Santos VVS Diamond Watch.


In summary, the Island Boys, Alex and Franky Venegas, have not just become internet stars but savvy entrepreneurs too. With about $2 million in net worth, they’ve smartly used platforms like YouTube and Cameo to make money. They also like spending on cool cars and fancy accessories. Though their journey has had ups and downs, the Island Boys show how to turn online fame into a successful and diverse brand in today’s digital world.


Where do Island Boys come from?

They come from Florida, United States.

What is Island Boys’ net worth?

Island Boys’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

How old are Island Brothers?

Island Boys were born on 16th July 2001 and are currently 21.

What do Island Boys do for a living?

Island Boys are social media personalities who became famous with their song “Island Boys.”

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