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Island Boys Net Worth and How They Make Money

Island Boys Net Worth and How They Make Money

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Have you ever thought of how Island Boys become famous worldwide, having a net worth of $2 million as of 2023? If so, here is the complete article about Island Boys, whose real names are Alex Venegas and Franky Venegas.

However, their former manager, Dovi Bezner, revealed Island Boys are broke. This article will cover how they became famous and their ways of earning money so that you can decide the accuracy of the former manager’s announcement.

To write this article, we refer to Forbs, Wikipedia, and their social profiles. Read the full article to explore your curiosities.

What makes Island Boys famous?

As everyone knows, Island Boys are just 21-year-old twin brothers living in Florida. They became famous quickly in 2021 due to the release of a freestyle of “I’m an island boy” in an outdoor pool. 

Cause I’m an island boy, and I’ve been trying to make it

Island Boys

This went viral on the internet, and this TikTok video clip made these twins superstars.

They could maintain a good relationship with the fans by offering some challenges and having fun with them online. After they received this fame, they could keep up their personalities and the publicity well with the support of the fan base they got.

So, let’s see how these social media superstars earn money.

How do the Island Boys make money?

According to the resources, most of their income comes from their social media platforms. These twin brothers earn a lot of money from TikTok and cameo videos. They also have a YouTube channel with 230K subscribers with more than 167 million views. So, they earn approximately $50 thousand per month.

However, These Island Boys are active on several platforms. Let’s continue to check other platforms they use to earn money rather than TikTok and YouTube.

The platforms Island Boys use to earn money.

Other than YouTube and TikTok, They have an account on Onlyfans where the fans need to pay a monthly fee to view the content they share.

Moreover, these two have set up a business on Cameo called “Shoutouts for Sale to receive the profits from their popularity. Personal video requests cost $210 (£158), and commercial bookings cost $600 (£450). 

They have also opened a store where they sell products with their identity or the brand logo, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests.


Island Boys became well known due to their song Island Boys, and they currently have a net worth of $2 million. They are proof of the fact that TikTok produces rising stars even within a short period. They could grab a lot of attention on social media because of their unique style and humor.

Therefore, it is clear that these twins can be named one of the most successful social media personalities in the modern world. However, it has been a short period in the music industry.


Where do Island Boys come from?

They come from Florida, United States.

What is Island Boys’ net worth?

Island Boys’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

How old are Island Brothers?

Island Boys were born on 16th July 2001 and are currently 21.

What do Island Boys do for a living?

Island Boys are social media personalities who became famous with their song “Island Boys.”

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