Meet Trevor James from The food Ranger YouTube channel

Meet Trevor James from “The food Ranger” YouTube channel.

Trever James is a Canadian food and travel vlogger known as “The Food Ranger.” His wife‘s name is Ting Ting, and they met in Turkey in 2015. Currently, The Food Ranger YouTube channel has more than 5.5 million subscribers, and his net worth is around 2 million USD as of 2023.

Trever stayed a long time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, recently he decided to move to Dubai with his family. It’s because he wants to start a new chapter after the pandemic. Let’s peep into more information about his lifestyle, relationships, and more.

How much is the Food Ranger’s net worth?

According to online sources, his net worth is around 2 million as of 2023. Trevor developed his channel to millions of dollars’ worth over the years. Also, he used the money earned from travel for traveling. He also proudly markets the idea of traveling and eating for earnings.

Trevor James’ primary income source is The Food Ranger YouTube channel. Also, he is earning from paid promotions. His official blog brings him a considerable about of his income. It has over 54K visits monthly

Who is The Food Ranger’s wife?

Food ranger with his wife Ting Ting

The food ranger’s wife is Ting Ting. They met on one of his trips to Turkey in 2015. After they met, she was fully supporting his career. So as many fans expected, they started to date and got married. 

Trevor has shared how he met Ting Ting excitingly. Also, didn’t forget to mention the foods they enjoy in Istanbul.

What is Ting Ting’s nationality?

Ting Ting is a Chinese national. According to the food ranger’s official site, she is from Guangzhou. Guangzhou is situated in southern China. Also, the place is very famous for Dim Sum. 

What is “Food Ranger” meaning?

The word “Food ranger” meaning can explain simply as the food explorer. Accordingly, the word “Ranger” is derived from the verb range. So, the meaning can take as constantly moving fast toward food.

Where is Food Ranger now?

According to the food ranger’s official social media, he is in Dubai now. Also, news reports The Food Ranger is planning to settle in UAE. He informed fans about his decision with an Instagram post. Also, he didn’t forget to share his excitement before leaving. His wife and the pet dog, Muffin, moved with him.

Food Ranger Biography

Real nameTrevor James  
Age34 (2023)  
Home TownVancouver Canada  
Height183 cm  
EducationThe University of British Columbia Vancouver Canada
Southwestern University of Finance Chengdu China    

Food Ranger Family and Relationships

Ford ranger isn’t always sharing information about his family and relationships. Nevertheless, he shares his journey with his wife often. So, viewers couldn’t have much information about his family members. 

However, he shared a video with his family in 2019. His mother and father joined Ting’s family for a meal. Also, it was the first day his parents met Ting’s family.

Ting’s parents and her brother joined the video. Trevor mention all of them as his family. So, the viewers were happy to see him as a loving and family guy. The video featured them all having a Cantonese food adventure.

The Food Ranger career

Trevor James was always enthusiastic about traveling and eating. He wishes to travel worldwide and eat different foods after graduation. Even though James has been creating videos since 2013, he wants to eat new foods. However, he got a chance to move to China for education. 

He moved to Chengdu to study finance at the Southwestern University of Finance China. Not only that, he started to tutor students as a part-time job. Meanwhile, his friend helped him to shoot videos. At that time, he only had 3000 subscribers on his channel.

Meanwhile, he met his soulmate, Ting Ting, during a Trip to Turkey in 2015. So, she started to help him for creating content. This led to an instant growth of his channel and reached millions of subscribers. Then he got married to Ting Ting in 2019. Also, He has traveled to many countries worldwide, including many in Asia.

Social media

Not only his YouTube channel, but Trevor also maintains an official Food Ranger website. Apart from that, he has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. His official Instagram profile has 1 million followers.

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The food ranger has traveled to many countries in the world. Most are Asian countries, including China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka. Not only Asian countries but he had also visited European countries like Italy. Also, he didn’t forget to visit Dubai, Japan, and Egypt for more food experiences. However, He is planning to have a new journey from Dubai now. So, the fans are excited to know more from Trevor.


What language does Trevor James speak?

He speaks Chinese Mandarin except for English. He studied the Chinese language during his stay in China.

How old is Trevor James, the Food Ranger?

Trevor is 34 years to the year 2023. He was born in the year 1988.

What nationality is The Food Ranger?

Trevor is a Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. Later he moved to China and stayed a long period in Malaysia.

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