How much does Supercar Blondie make from social media

SuperCar Blondie Net Worth & How She Makes Money

SuperCar Blondie’s net worth is 17 Million USD as of 2023. According to sources she earns around $4M annually from social media. Therefore we can assume that she makes over $300k per month from social media. She makes a significant amount from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok separately.

Did you know? 

Initially, Supercar Blondie was a Journalist. She hosted a drive-time radio talk show for nearly five years. She started her car reviewing journey, just with 300 followers. Yet now, she has millions of followers on several platforms.

As a successful social media celebrity, She has several income sources. Let’s check out the income she gets from each social media separately.

How much does Supercar Blondie Make from social media. Here know how she makes money

Key Takeaways

  • Supercar Blondie makes $1,240,599 on Youtube.
  • She makes $20,000 per video on Facebook.
  • She makes $31,000 per paid post on Instagram.
  • She hosts a Tv show called Car Crews with Supercar Blondie.
  •  Facebook Ranked her page as the most viewed page in 2021.
  • ranked her as the highest-earning automotive influencer.
  • Her net worth is approximately $17M.

How much does Supercar Blondie Make from YouTube?

As Of November 2022, Supercar Blondie makes about $103,000 monthly. Annually, she makes around $1,240,599

According to starstat.yther channel has an average growth of 19.9% per month. Thus, Supercar Blondie would make around $123,924 in December 2022.

General Statistics of Supercar Blondie’s YouTube Channel.

The number of subscribers, views, and ad revenues decide a Youtuber’s income. During the last two weeks, the lowest number of daily views is 1.66 million on her channel. The highest number of daily views is 4.47 million.

Supercar Blondie has over 627 videos. She has a total of 2.3 billion views. According to, she makes $3 to $7 per 1000 video views through ads. Therefore, her YouTube channel generates about $710,350 only from ad revenues a month.

Supercar Blondie successfully converted her passion into a career. She is earning pretty well by just being a girl who loves cars.

How much does Supercar Blondie Make from Facebook? 

According to, Supercar Blondie makes an average of $20,000 per video

She posts about four videos a day on her Facebook page. But all are not sponsored posts. She posts around 5 to 8 sponsored posts per month on Facebook. Therefore we can assume she makes about 100K to 160K per month from sponsored posts.

Supercar Blondie has 49 million followers on Facebook. Some of her videos have millions of views. Moreover, She monetizes several videos through mid-roll ads. Therefore, Facebook could be her highest-earning platform.

Interestingly, in 2021 supercar Blondie became the most-watched page on says that 

“Her Page followers grew from 10.6M at the beginning of 2020 to 24.5M in Sept 2020. Over the course of 9 months”,

Supercar Blondie focuses on specific factors to earn a significant amount from Facebook. She makes interesting and informative videos longer than 3 minutes. She always creates original content. Hence, it allows her to monetize with in-stream ads. 

How much does Supercar Blondie Make from Instagram?

According to, Supercar Blondie makes $31,000 (£28,380) per paid post. She uploads about seven posts a week. Accordingly, we can assume she makes around $ 100K per month.

Supercar Blondie has 11.4 million Instagram followers. She has an average engagement rate of 8.52. ranked her as the highest-earning automotive influencer. Many videos/ posts of Supercar Blondie go viral instantly. They get crazy amounts of views as well.

In 2019 she posted a video about the DX S E-Tense by DS_Official. It got over 3 million views. She often gets almost 150,000 views within 24 hours for any Instagram post.

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How much does Supercar Blondie Make from TikTok?

According to, Supercar blondie can earn up to $7.3k for each Tik Tok video. She uploads about 5 to 10 sponsored videos per month. Therefore, we can assume she makes around $38,000 per month from Tik Tok.

She has over 14 million followers on TikTok. Millions of views, thousands of likes, and comments.  also states that Supercar Blondie is now the second most-viewed car influencer on TikTok.

Supercar Blondies Other Income sources.

Supercar Blondie got her own TV Show. In 2019 broadcasting & cable announced that Alex Hirschi would host their new show. It’s called Car Crews with Supercar Blondie. She mainly focuses on different car cultures across the united states in it.

In 2018 she appeared in the car show Grip. In 2019 she co-presented an episode in TOP GEAR. Accordingly, She makes an extra income by appearing in these shows.

Supercar Blondie also owns an online store. It has t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and various other items. She gets a considerable income from it as well.

Moreover, this year Supercar Blondie built a partnership with Vantage.

“This marks Vantage and Supercar Blondie’s first collaboration into the ESG space. The partnership will focus on driving innovation for electric vehicle production, promoting gender equality, and putting a spotlight on climate change.”


This partnership marks another income source for Supercar Blondie.

How much is Supercar Blondie’s net worth in 2023?

Supercar Blondie is worth About $17 Million

Social media is one of her significant income sources. Apart from that, she earns a lot from the sponsorships of luxury car brands. She makes a good income by promoting those cars. Additionally, media appearances also get some extra money into her pocket.

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Supercar Blondie worked hard to make a living out of her passion. She is one of the most influential people on the internet. Being creative and dedicated is her key to success. Moreover, her skills in presenting and describing cars also paved the way.

She started with merely 300 followers. Yet she grew to have a net worth of $17 Million. She is living her fantasies by earning a good chunk of wealth. She is indeed an inspiration for all the youngsters with dreams.


What is Supercar Blondie’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is $17M.

How much does Supercar Blondie make from social media?

She makes around $4M annually from sponsored social media posts. 

How much does Supercar Blondie make from YouTube?

She makes $1,240,599 annually.
$103,000 monthly

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