15 Amazing People Supercar Blondie Met While Vlogging.

15 Amazing People Supercar Blondie Met While Vlogging.

Supercar Blondie, aka Alex Hirschi, reviews the fastest and rarest vehicles in the world through video reviews. She’s an Aussie lady now residing in Dubai who has amassed staggering millions of fans across various online platforms. So, here we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting people Supercar Blondie talked to over her vlogging journey.

In writing this article, we relied heavily on YouTube videos and the resources found on Forbes and Wikipedia. To discover more, go through the entire article.

1. Jeffree Star – One Of The World’s Wealthiest Youtubers

Supercar Blondie meets up with the world-famous Jeffree Star twice through her channel. She goes to Jeffree’s mansion to adore the Supercars he owns. Alex surprises himself with a limited-edition UFO car.

2. Vin Diesel – Fast And Furious Actor

Supercar Blondie had a fantastic interview with Vin Diesel. The discussion concentrated on super moments in Fast and Furious scenes and the cars used in the series.

3. Richard Hammond & James May

What happens when two famous TV hosts meet a top automotive influencer? Richard & James make light of the fact that they wish one another were killed on their motor shows. But they have a deep friendship.

In the video, Alex drives the racing supercar called the Appolo. And the film takes on from there with lots of hilarious moments with these two TV presenters.

4. Lilly Singh – Talk Show Host

As a YouTube celebrity known online as “Superwoman,” Lilly Singh first gained notoriety in 2013. Since then, she has amassed approximately 15 million YouTube fans. Supercar Blondie meets Lilly Singh at Dubai desserts, and they have an excellent talk about their lives.

5. David Guetta – Music Producer

Pierre David Guetta, a French DJ and music producer, has over 10 billion streams. A year ago, David Guetta visited Dubai for a performance atop the Burj Al Arab.

The live broadcast reached people all across the world. A day before the show, Supercar Blondie surprised Guetta with a limited edition Mansory that only has 7 worldwide.

6. John Collins – The Owner Of Talacrest Ferrari Dealership

Supercar Blondie met John Collins of Talacrest at his home and premises. They talked about cars, his life story and cars he currently has for sale, and his private collection.

In the video, John Collins showed his favorite cars to Alex. It is only one car from that Ferrari version. She had a great ride with his favorite car.

7. Tim Burton – Artist And Filmmaker

Supercar Blondie met Tim Burton, AKA Shmee 150. It is for the first time in her life in her video with VIP Motors.

They were to test drive a vehicle from a set of cars lined up by the company in the desert. And the car they selected was a Porche 918.

8. Brent Rivera – Young American Social Media Personality

Brent Rivera, an American actor, and social media sensation rose to fame on Vine, a now-defunct video hosting platform.

They were invited for a challenge by Sun Tech. It is a paint protection film company – to fight each other to get an $8000 makeover from them.

9. Patrick Dempsey – Race Car Driver And Actor

Alex met with Patrick Dempsey via video chat when he was holed up in Malibu, California. They discuss his collection of vehicles and the activities of his racing team. And also they discussed the new abilities he has developed while confined.

10. David Brabham – Australian Professional Racing Driver

David Brabham, an Australian professional racer, is one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable drivers in sports car racing. And there was no surprise that Alex met up with him.

They talked about his fantastic racing cars, and Alex had super rides with Brabham’s car. It was almost funny how Brabham took a high-speed ride with Supercar Blondie.

11. Woody And Kleiny – Famous Youtubers

Supercar Blondie visits the British comedians Woody & Kleiny in a new Aston Martin Vantage V8. And in return, she gets pranked by the duo as soon as she gets here!

12. Paris Hilton – American Media Personality

Paris Whitney Hilton is a famous socialite, entrepreneur, businesswoman, model, and performer. Alex Hirschi had a terrific time discussing cars with Paris Hilton at BMW in Munich. They looked at some of their newest, most cutting-edge concept vehicles.

13. Benjamin Edward Stiller – Comedian

Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller is an American comedian, actor, and filmmaker. Alex meets Stiller in her video to have a charity Gala Dinner and many other intriguing personalities.

14. Hanz Zimmer – Oscar-Winning Music Producer

Supercar Blondie visits Hans Zimmer in Los Angeles to shoot a car commercial with BMW and the Oscar winner! The commercial was about the latest model of BMW.

The I4 is a fully electric car with a glimpse at our future. Hans, the man behind the concept, tells Alex everything about the car from the future.

15. Cody Walker – Brother Of Paul Walker

American actor Cody Beau Walker assisted in finishing the final scenes for actor Paul Walkers Brian O’Conner. It was in the 2015 movie Furious 7 after his brother passed away. He is Paul Walker’s youngest sibling

Supercar Blondie and Cody discussed a fierce street race with the Nissan Skyline. And Mitsubishi Eclipse replicas from the Fast & Furious movies!


These are just some exciting people Supercar Blondie met on her vlogging adventure. The influence and popularity of Supercar Blondie are only going to increase as time goes on. It’s well worth your time to follow her on social media. If for no reason than to learn about the most recent innovations in automotive technology.

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