19 Futuristic Cars Introduced by Supercar Blondie. Find Out What Makes Them Futuristic.

19 Futuristic Cars Introduced by Supercar Blondie. Find Out What Makes Them Futuristic.

Futuristic cars are impressive and advanced in every aspect. Needless to say that Supercar Blondie is the best person to review those.

Technological advancement has paved the way for exclusive futuristic cars. Renowned companies are creating the next generation of the automobile industry. 

Let’s look at 19 futuristic cars introduced by Supercar Blondie.

Key Takeaways

  • Rolls Royce Ghost costs about $314,400
  • The Batmobile has a supercharged Ford F350 raptor engine.
  • The Lamborghini V12 Vision has the same powertrain as the FKP37.
  • The Renault Trezor Concept engine has a power of 260 kW. It’s equal to 350hp.
  • The bonnet of the Maybach Off-Roader has solar cells.
  • Rolls Royce 6*6 Phantom would cost about $5.2 million.
  • The Mercedes AVTR has a combined engine power of more than 350 kW.
  • The whole floor of the Lincoln 100 is a screen.
  • The BMW Vision I circular is made of recycled materials.

1. Rolls Royce Ghost.

Supercar Blondie says Rolls Royce Ghost has a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 engine. It pumps out about 530hp. According to carindigo.com, the car hits 60 mph within 4.8 seconds. The Rolls Royce Ghost also has a celestial interior.

Rolls Royce Ghost model was revealed on 1 September 2020. The car costs about $314,400.

2. Batmobile.

This car is the replica of the Batmobile in the Dawn of Justice movie. 

According to Sergi, It has a supercharged Ford F350 raptor engine. The body is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. It also has massive wheels (500 kg each).

3. Lamborghini V12 Vision GT.

According to lamborghini.comThe V12 Vision has the same powertrain as the FKP37. It has a large wing housing a Y-taillight dominating the rear. The major driving controls are in the Futuristic steering wheel. 

This car comes with a single seat. lambocars.com says Lamborghini Centro Stile in Bolognese designed the V12 vision.

4. Rolls Royce 103EX

Supercar Blondie says that this futuristic car is for 2035. The roof opens high enough so one can get in standing. Rolls Royce 103EX doesn’t have a steering wheel. It is a fully electric futuristic car.

5. Renault Trezor.

Supercar Blondie says this is one of the most advanced concept cars.

According to Renault.co.ke, It has a fully electric Renault TREZOR Concept engine. This Concept engine has a power of 260 KW. It’s equal to 350hp.

The designer of the 

Renault Trezor is a design of Laurens Van Den Acker. Renault unveiled the Trezor at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

6. The Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader

The concept car, the Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader, has a very Luxurious look. The bonnet of the Mayback Off-Roader has solar cells with the Maybach emblem.

The Maybach Off-Roader is a part of the Maybach project. This is a design by Mercedes and the designer Virgil Abloh.

7. BMW Vision Next 100

According to BMW.lc, the BMW Vision Next 100 is fully autonomous. The manufacturers have used reflective glass panes. It is to increase the passenger’s privacy and reduce interior heating.

Check out Supercar Blondie’s video to see the reptile-looking skin that moves.

8. Rolls Royce 6*6 Phantom

According to hotcars.com, The Rolls Royce 6*6 Phantom has V12 engines. It delivers about 453hp. It also rolls on massive 24-inch wheels. This vehicle is a creation of Alexandre Danton.

The Rolls Royce 6*6 Phantom would cost about $5.2 million.

Check out Supercar Blondie’s video to admire the exterior of this beast.

9. Lincoln L100.

The Lincoln 100 is a fully electric and autonomous vehicle. Supercar Blondie says the design is meant to be as aerodynamic as possible. The whole floor of the car is a screen. The car looks super futuristic.

10. Audi Skysphere

This futuristic car has a moving steering wheel. It has fully autonomous driving as well. 

Supercar Blondie is the first person in the world to drive this concept car.

11. Mercedes AVTR

The Mercedes AVTR has a combined engine power of more than 350 kW. It also has a powerful and compact high-voltage battery. 

This concept vehicle has a reptile-like appearance in its movement.

12. DS X E- Tense

Ds X E Tense is an asymmetrical car by DS Automobiles. Supercar Blondie says she’s never seen such a car. It has a glass floor where you can see the road. It’s Fully electric and pumps out about 402hp.

13. Lo-Res Car.

According to peterson.orgthis car is inspired by the Lamborghini Countach. The Lo-Res car has a Polygonal shaped body. It has an Electric engine with a max speed of only 31 mph.

Check out Supercar Blondie’s surprise to Jeffree Star with a Lo-Res car.

14. Bentley EXP100GT.

Bentley Motors say that this car is 5.8 meters long. It has massive 25-inch wheels. The EXP 100GT is fully autonomous. 

Check out Supercar Blondies’ video for more features.

15. Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6.

Supercar Blondie says the AMG 6*6 is one of the rarest and most expensive Mercedes. It allows you to deflate and inflate the tires within seconds. The car pumps out 540 HP. It costs more than $800,000.

16. The BMW Vision I circular

Supercar Blondie says this concept car is made of Recycled materials. This is a fully electric, four-seater vehicle. The interior looks super futuristic.

17. Volkswagen ID Buggy.

The Interior of this beach Buggy is fully waterproof. The Buggy is fully electric. 

The top speed is 160 KM per hour. It goes from 0-100 in 7 seconds.

18. Axinom Palladium.

Axinom Palladium is the world’s first hyper SUV. The SUV is 2 meters in height and almost 6 meters long. It has 22-inch Tires

Palladium has a 5.7-litre V8 Biturbo engine. It delivers more than 700 hp.

The manufacturer is Aznom automotive from Italy. It cost about $ 1.5 million.

19. Vision-6 Mercedes- Maybach Cabriolet.

Vision 6 is 5.7 meters long. This Maybach has four electric motors. It provides up to 750 hp. It goes from 0-100 within 4 seconds.

This Maybach classic in its design, says Supercar Blondie.


Supercar Blondie introduces us to the best futuristic cars. The features, exterior, and Interior of the vehicles are super futuristic. All the renowned brands have come up with unique and creative concepts.


How much does the Rolls Royce ghost cost?

It costs about $314,400.

What is the world’s first Hyper SUV?

Axinom Palladium is the world’s first hyper SUV.

Which futuristic car has a screen floor?

The Lincoln 100’s Floor is a screen.

Is the Interior of the Volkswagen ID Buggy waterproof?

Yes, it is.

What is the name of the car Supercar Blondie takes to surprise Jeffree Star?

It is the Lo-Res Car.

Who designed the Renault Trezor?

Laurens Van Den Acker is the designer of the Renault Trezor.

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