How Much is Danielle Kirsty's Net Worth? Here is How She Makes Money With Biography Facts.

How Much is Danielle Kirsty’s Net Worth? Here is How She Makes Money With Biography Facts.

Danielle Kirsty’s Net Worth is around 600K USD as of December 2022.

Kirsty, fond of Makeup and true crime, is gradually rising to stardom. Do you want to know how this makeup enthusiast earns a living out of her remarkable skills and talents? In this article, You’ll find some interesting facts about Danielle Kirsty.

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Key Takeaways

  • Danielle Kirsty is from England, and she is 23.
  • She is a makeup and true crime YouTuber.
  • Bailey Sarian was her inspiration.
  • Her net worth is around 600k USD.
  • Her most viewed video has over 3.5M views.

How does Danielle Kirsty Make Money?

Danielle Kirsty is a Makeup and true crime YouTuber. Therefore, her main income source is YouTube.

Kirsty makes around $49,710 monthly and $596,514 yearly from YoutTube.The channel probably might have an added income from sponsored content, product sales, etc.

Additionally, Kirsty makes an income from her online store and Amazon Page. She also makes money by promoting various makeup brands. Kirsty is earning revenue through her Instagram account as well.

Recently, Kirsty has started to bring her crime stories in podcast format through This could also be a possible income source for her.

YouTuber Danielle Kirsty

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Danielle Kirsty’s Biography & Early Life 

Danielle Kirsty was born on the 12th of February 1999 in England. She is now 23 years old. Kirsty is a Libra and 1.79m in height. She has not yet openly spoken about her family.

Kirsty, as a child, loved to watch true crime documentaries with her grandmother. Her immense interest in true crime made her pursue a degree in Law & Criminology. 

Moreover, Kirsty is also a makeup lover. She is equally passionate about both true crime and makeup. Therefore, she decided to become a YouTuber and intertwine both her passions.

Kirsty uses the fame she gained as a YouTuber to help crime victims. She raises funds through her store for child crime victims in the UK.

Danielle Kirsty’s Relationships.

Danielle Kirsty has not openly spoken about her relationships. However, she mentioned her partner’s name in a GRWM video posted in 2019. His name is Ashely. Therefore, we could say that Kirsty is in a relationship. 

Here’s what Danielle Kirsty says about Axe Killer Christopher Porco.

Kirsty explains Christopher’s Ax attack on his parents while doing her Makeup.

So Kirsty says that Christopher had a good upbringing and education growing up. The dark side starts after he enters college. According to Kirsty, “Christopher was a chronic liar.

He wanted to impress people by pretending to be rich. He has taken several loans to afford a wealthy lifestyle. However, down the line, he attempts to kill his parents brutally. His father died, yet his mother survived.

Kirsty ends the video with an excellent explanation of the crime scene. She also adds her conspiracy theories about the crime.

This video has over 500K views, and 20K likes within 2 weeks.

Danielle Kirsty’s Most Viewed Video

Kirsty’s most viewed video is “America’s Most Evil Mom.”

She says this person is one of the evilest people she’s come across. The video is longer than an hour. It has got 3.5M Views and 63k likes within 3 months.

Social Media

Danielle Kirsty is on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok.


One day Kirsty came across a YouTuber called Bailey Sarian. She is well-known as a makeup and true crime YouTuber. Kirsty noticed how both of her interests were depicted together by Bailey. 

I loved how she(Bailey) had combined two of the things I’m most passionate about and delivered it so well. She totally inspired me to take the leap and do the same thing on my channel, so all credit for the idea goes 100% to her

Danielle Kristy

Kirsty then started her channel in 2017.

Now Kirsty is rising to fame with her true crime and makeup content. She covers crime cases from both the UK and internationally. She also demonstrates makeup products from Morphe, Primark, Fenty Beauty, etc.

Currently, Kirsty has over 733K subscribers and over 100M views On Youtube.

Other Social Media.

On Facebook, Kirsty has 441k followers and 374k likes.

Besides, Kirsty has over 141K followers on Instagram. She is very active on Instagram. If you are a makeup fanatic, You will love her Instagram page. 

Even though Kirsty has a TikTok account, she only has 693 followers. Kirsty is not active on TikTok like on other social media.

@daniellekirsty11 Blue Cut Crease ? @bperfectcosmetics Carnival XL Pro Palette. #bperfect #bperfectcosmetics #makeup #grwm #onfleek ♬ im outside in a amg L.Dre remix – L.Dre


Danielle Kirsty’s fascination with Makeup and true crime has paved the way for her. She brings something new to her audience each time. Thanks to her presentation and makeup skills, people enjoy watching her videos. 


How old is Danielle Kirsty?

She is 23 and was born on the 12th of February 1999 in England.

Where is Danielle Kirsty from?

She is from England where she was born.

Does Danielle Kirsty have a store?

Yes, she has an online store.

What is Danielle Kirsty’s Net worth?

Her net worth is around 600k USD.

Is Danielle Kirsty in a relationship?

Yes, she is. She mentioned her boyfriend’s name”Ashely” in one of her videos.

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