Eleanor Neale Latest News With Net Worth & Biography Facts.

How Much Does Eleanor Neale Make From YouTube? Here Find Her Latest News With Net Worth & Biography Facts.

Eleanor Neale is well known for her interesting true crime videos. Eleanor earns $34.64K per month and around $519K yearly from YouTube.

Eleanor’s illustrative true crime stories have made her eminent in the YouTube world. Her passion has also awarded her a reasonably well net worth. Keep reading to find out Eleanor’s net worth with some latest facts.

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Key Takeaways

  • Eleanor Neale is 23 years old and is from England
  • She started her YouTube career in 2016.
  • She is Bisexual.
  • She went through a drastic weight loss.
  • Her net worth is around 2.08 million.

What is Eleanor Neale’s Net Worth in 2022?

As of 2022, Eleanor Neale’s net worth is around $2.08 million.

Youtube is her primary source of income. Her net worth is calculated only by her Youtube ad revenues and sponsors. Her Net worth could be as high as $2.91 million if we consider other revenue sources.

Eleanor is usually sponsored by NordVPN and a company called Function of Beauty. In addition, Eleanor makes money from her online Store.

Eleanor Neale’s Biography & Early Life

Eleanor Neale was born in Yorkshire, England, on January 24, 1999.

She is 23 years old, and she was born to British parents. Her star sign is Aquarius. Eleanor is 5.7 in height and 60kg in weight

Eleanor has not publicly spoken or told her fans about her family. Though she has not introduced her family, Her mom appeared in one of her videos.

Similarly, Eleanor has not openly spoken about her education either. Yet she probably might have completed her high school education.

Moreover, Eleanor revealed that she is Bisexual. She came out to her mom in a video posted in 2018. After coming out to her mom, she said “I feel such a weight off my shoulders,” in tears.

Eleanor started her YouTube career in 2016 as a makeup YouTuber. She changed her focus from makeup to true crime later.

Elenor Neale

How Did Eleanor Neale Lose Weight?

A lot of Eleanor Neale’s fans are curious about this question. If you’ve been following Eleanor, you might have noticed her drastic body transformation.

Eleanor Neale used to weigh 85 kilograms. Now her weight is around 60 kilograms. So, Eleanor Neale lost 20 kilograms.

The real question is how?

Well, She has not openly spoken about her weight loss journey. She probably might have followed a healthy diet plan while working out. Some claim that she might have gone through weight loss surgery.  

Eleanor posted a transformation video on TikTok with a before and after picture. We can tell that she is very proud of her weight loss journey.


Eleanor’s fans have been curious about her relationship status. She has not given any information about her current relationship status. Therefore, we can assume that she is now single.

She has a lot of male pals, Yet she has not mentioned being in a relationship with any of them.

However, Eleanor has been in a relationship previously. She mentioned in one of her videos that she went through a breakup recently.

Here’s What Eleanor Says About The “Gay Slayer” Mass Murder.

Eleanor descriptively explains the story of the serial killer whose victims were gay. She says, “Colin Ireland made it his new year resolution to become a serial killer and killed exclusively gay men in London.”

At the end of the Video, Eleanor also doesn’t forget to mention her thoughts.

A lot of her viewers complimented the way she delivered the story. The Video is almost 2 hours long. It has 836K views, and 26K likes within six days.

Eleanor Neale’s Most Viewed Video.

Eleanor’s most viewed Video is the Becky Watts case, posted in 2018. The Video has 6M views, 122K likes, and 10,219 comments.

Social Media

Eleanor Neale uses social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


She started her YouTube channel with makeup tutorials. Later she swapped into true crime videos, which made her a famous true crime YouTuber. Similarly, her YouTube channel has grown to over 2.45 million subscribers. Many of her videos have millions of views.

Furthermore, she has a YouTube series called Where-Is. 100% of the profits from merchandise sales are donated to a project to fight the world of child sex trafficking. 

Additionally, Eleanor has a second channel called “Eleanor.” In it, she posts vlogs, Q&A videos, and other fun videos. In this channel, you’ll see a completely different and joyful side of Eleanor.

Other Social Media

Eleanor has a significant following on all her social media platforms. She has over 170.5k followers on Twitter, over 275k on  Instagram, and 401K on TikTok.

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Eleanor Neale is one of the top true crime YouTubers. She does a lot of research before she makes a video. Her effort in making an informative video rewarded her with a considerable net worth. Eleanor also gained the love of her fans thanks to her chaotic and joyful nature.

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How old is Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor Neale is 23 years old.

How much weight did Eleanor lose?

According to sources, She lost about 20 kg.

Where is Eleanor Neale from in England?

She is from Yorkshire

What is Eleanor Neale’s Sexuality?

Eleanor announced that she is Bisexual.

What is Eleanor Neale’s net worth?

Her net worth is around 2.08 million.

From where to get Eleanor Neale’s merch?

You can get it from https://eleanorneale.shop/.​

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