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Is Frankie Lapenna Butt Real? Find out the truth about Frankie’s booty debate.

Is Frankie Lapenna Butt Real? Find out the truth about Frankie’s booty debate.

Frankie Lapenna is a famous American tiktok star and a social media personality who has been taking over the internet lately. His creativity and sense of humour have attracted a huge audience on YouTube and TikTok. However, many have been fascinated with the look of his behind. Internet is debating whether his buttocks are real or fake


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Frankie has not officially mentioned it, but some reports have confirmed it’s fake. Now let’s learn more about this guy who stormed the internet. Frankie is 25 years old and resides in Michigan, USA.

Frankie’s creative content and humour are not the only things that give him the attention he needs. People are curious to know the reality of his buttocks. Many reports say that his exaggerated behind is fake and is made to look huge with butt padding. Following the debate, Frankie posted a video with the caption, “Haters will say it’s fake.” 

Lapenna currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his girlfriend, Kayla Lewicki. Lapenna works as a photography and video director of Launch Kit. He is continuously working in his own production company FLP Lapenna LLC. Frankie has over 8 Million followers on TikTok, 1.2 Million on Instagram, and 4.52 Million subscribers on YouTube

Frankie rose to fame with videos of himself attending Zoom meetings while doing adventurous activities like skydiving and fishing. He was also creating green-screen content that recieved millions of views. These videos went viral within a short period of time. Frankie amassed a huge fan base. 

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