The heroic act of a PREGNANT bus driver

The heroic act of a pregnant bus driver who saves children from a bus burst into flame 

Imunek Williams, who is eight months pregnant is a school bus driver in Milwaukee. She had a terrific trip experience. As the bus driver was close to the school to drop off a bus full of children. The bus started filling with smoke.

Williams, told WISN, “I started to smell something funny at the stoplight, and I just thought it was normal smoke coming from another car because I always smell smoke or weird smells.

As she continued to drive the smoke got thicker. She quickly realized that she had to save the kids and herself as the smoke is getting intense. As the bus was only a half mile away from the school. Williams decided to radio in the condition of the bus to dispatch.

“I couldn’t barely get what I was trying to say out because the smoke was hitting me in the face in my eyes so I was just like OK forget the radio. Just got the kids off the bus,” Williams told WTMJ.

I was the last person off once I get off, I turned around and I just seen flames,” said Williams told WTMJ. “I wanted to make sure that I was safe, baby was safe and you know if it was my kid on the bus I would’ve wanted one of the bus drivers to act the same way that I did.

She had to quickly get the children off the bus and somehow she managed. None of the children nor Williams suffered injuries. However, Williams was treated for smoke inhalation.

We can appreciate the heroic act of the soon-to-be mom. She has acted without being selfish. This act marks an important benchmark in the history of mankind.

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