Here is all you want to know about TikTok Star Thomas Petrou

Here is all you want to know about TikTok Star Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou. I’m pretty sure this might be the millionth time you see this name, and Thomas has already put an enormous fan base below his name. 

Who is Thomas Petrou?

Thomas is an American-born YouTuber and a TikToker who makes dope and trendy content on the internet. He’s also the founder of “The hype house,” a popular social media group. This young lad had 8 million fans on Instagram and 2 million fans on TikTok.

When is Thomas Petrou’s birthday?

Thomas Petrou was born on 2nd September 1998 in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

How old is Thomas Petrou?

Thomas is 23 years old as of 2022.

 How tall is Thomas Petrou?

Thomas Petrou’s height is 5.8 feet. (176 cm)

How much does Thomas Petrou weigh?


Where does Thomas Petrou live? 

Currently, he’s living in Los Angeles, California.

What is Thomas Petrou’s zodiac sign?


Thomas Family and relationships

It is tough to find anything about the parents of Thomas on the internet. Thomas was in a relationship with Kayla Pimentel, a social media star, and now Thomas is dating Mia Hayward, a YouTuber and Instagram star.

How many siblings does Thomas Petrou have? 

Thomas has a younger sister.

Who is Thomas Petrou dating? 

Mia Hayward.

How old is Thomas Petrou’s girlfriend?

Mia is 21 years old and also from Los Angeles. She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 48 kilos. She previously dated Ryland storms.

Thomas Petrou Career

Thomas went to the Local High School in California. Then he enrolled for a private university in Los Angeles. He had no interest in academics from the beginning. So, he dropped out of college and started chasing his one prime goal of being a well-known YouTuber 

Thomas shot his first shot in 2013 by creating a vine account with his cousin. But later, he quit it and started his YouTube channel on 21st July 2015 with a different brand name of PetroTV. And after some time, he changed it to Thomas Petrou. Most of his trendy vids were reaction vids. His most viewed video was “I Filled Chase’s Room with Pictures of Charli! Up to now, it has got more than 13 million views on YouTube.

Thomas entered the USA’s social media group named “Team 10” in 2019. But due to several reasons, he has been removed from the group. Later he created the hype house with Daisy Keech, Kouvr Annon, Alex Warren, and Chase Hudson.

Thomas Petrou with his friends
Thomas Petrou with his friends

Thomas Petrou Net worth & Social media income

According to reliable resources, Petrou’s net worth will be 2 million US dollars in 2022. His monthly income is also more than 20 000 dollars. His primary income is from YouTube, and other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram also help him pump his income. Thomas Petrou also earns from brands such as He recently launched a coffee brand dubbed Smack’d Coffee.

Thomas recently moved into a new mansion with his members in the hype house. This house in Los Angeles costs nearly 5 million dollars, covers 20 acres of land, and has a good view from the backyard. This house is a modern palace with eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms with 11294 square feet of living space, and a theater room.

Thomas is a crazy gearhead, and he has a superior collection of cars in his garage. He’s the owner of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and this luxury car’s cost is $143,600. The second car in his garage is an ‘Audi R8, which costs around ‘$209,000. The last vehicle he owns is ‘Lamborghini Urus’, and the price of the car is $218,000 US.

Thomas Petrou with his Porsche car
Thomas Petrou with his Porsche car

Interesting facts about Thomas

  • Thomas has this celebrity crush on Emma Watson. Well, who doesn’t?
  • He also likes the actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. 
  • Petrou’s favorite singer is Ed Sheeran. Once in an interview, he confessed that it was one of his biggest dreams to attend an Ed Sheeran concert.

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