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Sienna Mae Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Interesting Facts

Sienna Mae Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Interesting Facts

Do you want to know more about the famous TikToker Sienna Mae? This article will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Sienna. Sienna Mae’s net worth, social life, and rocky relationships will take the spotlight in this biography.

Who is Sienna Mae?

Sienna Mae is a social media celeb. She’s a famous TikToker with 13.6 M followers. She gained her popularity by posting content suitable for male adult audiences. Sienna loves to appear in tiny bikinis and little clothing when she creates content.

She also managed to gain even more popularity as Netflix announced her to be on the cast of Hype House. It’s a kind of reality show for influencers on Netflix. She’s a rising star who’s only recently turned 18. In general, Sienna is an ambassador for body positivity.


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Sienna Mae Wiki/Biography

Sienna was born on 16 January 2004 in Laguna Niguel, California and now she is 18 years old as of 2022. She’s an American entertainment star. She is usually pretty reserved about her life.

Where does Sienna Mea Gomez Live?

She currently lives at home in Laguna Niguel, California, US.

Known as Sianna Mae
Real nameSianna Mae Gomaz
Birthday16 January 2004
Birth placeLaguna Niguel, California, USA
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weightapprox. 52
Eye colorLight brown
Hair colorBrown
ProfessionTikTok star, Actress

What happened with Sienna Mae and Jack Wright?

What Sienna Mae did to Jack Wright

You may wonder what did Sienna Mae do to jack. After Netflix’s Hype House show concluded, Sienna was faced with an accusation. Although she earned a lot of fame from the show, she was also in trouble due to this accusation.

Both Sienna and her boyfriend Jack were announced on the show. Later after filming was done, Jack came forward and claimed that Sienna sexually assaulted him during the show.

Jack also said that Sienna was very quick to lose her temper, and she often used verbal abuse to get her way.

As expected, Sienna denied every allegation, and in the end, the families agreed to solve the matters offline. 

Sienna May with Jack Wright
Sienna May with Jack Wright

Sienna Mae Gomez Family and Relationships

As Sienna only recently turned 18, she’s living at home with her family. Her parents, Ramón and Dina, even have their TikTok called siennamaesdad and siennamaesmom. We do know that she is currently single and that she has a brother named Jacub Gomez. Apparently, Jacub is a photographer. And she has a sister named Micaela Drew Gomaz.

Although her ex-boyfriend accused her of sexual assault, this didn’t seem to affect her lifestyle too badly.

What did Sienna do to Jack?

According to allegations from Jack, Sienna sexually assaulted him. It’s still unclear if the allegations are true or not.

TikTok and Other social media

Sienna Mae’s primary channel is TikTok, with 14.2M followers. Her followers are active, and she received more than 1B likes to date.

She also has an Instagram page where she posts pictures. It has a following of 2.1M people with a high engagement rate.

Sienna Mae at Oahu, Hawaii

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How many followers did Sienna Mae lose?

After Jack came forward with the allegations, Sienna found herself in a tight spot. This time around, the spotlight didn’t reflect kindly on her.

The whole ordeal resulted in losing 1 million followers on TikTok. That’s a lot of followers, but as Sienna is way over 10M, it didn’t matter in the end. To this day, she continues to grow in popularity and gain new followers with each video.

Sienna Mae Gomez Net Worth

Sienna didn’t expect TikTok fame when she started using the app, and it only came to her after a video went viral. She used her newfound popularity wisely.

You may wonder how much does Sianna Mae makes. She eventually signed with a talent agency to manage her income sources and become an ambassador for Maybelline. As we know, she’s also selected for Hype House by Netflix. which helps with her income further.

Sienna May Gomez
Sienna May Gomez

How much is Sienna Mae worth?

Sienna’s net worth was estimated at around $700,000 when she was sixteen. Since then, she’s been growing her followers, and her net worth should be just above $1M today.

Exciting Facts About Sienna Mae

  • She’s a dancer and attended multiple competitions in the past
  • Sienna wants to work in Entertainment Biz later on. She’s definitely on track for that!
  • When she first registered, she used the username ‘spicylatina’ on TikTok
  • She is Mexican-Russian


What is Sienna Mae famous for?

She is mostly famous for TikTok and she is a dancer and American social media personality known for her hot and sexy body positivity videos on social media.

Did Sienna Mae lose followers?

She loose over 1 million followers on TikTok after being accused of sexual assault be her Ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright.

Who is Sienna Mae Gomaz parents?

Sienna Mae Father is Tamon M Gomaz is a businessman and her mother is Dina Gomaz is a homemaker.

Who is Sienna Mae Gomez Dating?

As far as we know, she is currently not dating anyone. She’s enjoying the life of a single person in America.

Does Sienna Mae have a sister?

Sienna’s sister Micaela Drew Gomaz is a yoga teacher and she has a brother named Jacob Gomaz who is a photographer.

Is Sienna Mae a millionaire?

It is sure that Sienna Mae is a millionaire now because it is very easy to makes millions of dollars with huge TikTok followers and now she is Actress.

How old is Sienna Mae Gomaz?

Sienna Mae turns 18 years old on January 2022.

How much does Sienna Mea weigh?

Sienna Mae is approximately 60 kilograms.

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