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What is Immi Davis Doing Now After Britain’s Got Talent? Let’s Peep into Her Biography & Latest Facts

Immi Davis was a 9-year-old schoolgirl featured on Britain’s Got Talent Season 15. After the semifinal performance, she was eliminated from the Wild card. She is 10 years old now and still lives with her parents in Welwyn Garden City, LondonUK. Currently, Immi Davis is doing full-time schooling and doesn’t forget to learn about music. And also, her social media profiles confirm that she is singing in some shows.

Before she came to BGT series 15, she was named the TeenStar’s People’s Choice Prize in 2020. Let’s peep into her biography and some facts you love to know about her family and lifestyle.

I want to start off small, like Wembley Arena small and then go large… like World large!

Immi Davis

Immi Davis Biography

According to Immi’s website, Immi Davis BGT lives in a small town close to London, United Kingdom. Little Star Immi is a full-time schoolgirl who started singing when she was three. Immi began practicing singing at the age of five.

As a 9 years old kid, she likes to play with her friend and has recently started learning piano lessons and is also learning to play the guitar and ukulele. And also joined performing arts groups, attended dance classes, and contributed to several local productions.

Immi Davis Family and Relationships

There are 4 members in Immi s family: Immi Davis’s mum, dad, older sister Tia, and she. Her parents and other information are currently not in the public domain. We will update this content when it comes to the public.

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What happened at Britain Got Talent auditions?

In the BGT audition in 2022, she selected “I Put a Spell on You” by Jay Hawkins to sing. Immi not only sings amazingly but she has something so special about her that just makes us feel all the emotions. She lights up like the biggest star in the sky when she sings, and then when she stops singing, she blends into the night sky like she was not there.

“You’re not human, how old are you?” Simon asked Immi. Immi replied that she is 9 years old. “9 years old? Impossible! That is extraordinary… you were incredible.” Simon Cowell appreciated her performance.

It’s like you transformed from this cute 9-year-old and then you’re like ‘Pow! Take that, we really were under your spell, I loved it.


Amanda Holden added “It sounded so retro, vintage, otherworldly. It was amazing.”

“Are you sure you weren’t miming? “I was completely gobsmacked.” David Walliams appreciated with jokes to her. Finally, she was able to get four yeses from the judges.

What happened at Britain Got Talent semifinals?

Immi Davis sang a Bishop Briggs’ hit single, ‘River’. in the BGT semifinals. With her great performance, she was able to impress and stand up for the BGT audience including the judges.

Honestly, when I listened to your song you don’t have to try hard it’s just effortless you can’t teach that you’ve just got soul and also in a young person’s body and I’m super proud of you. You did an incredible job. Family must be super proud and we’re all very proud of you too.

Alesha Dixon

Simon Cowell wanted to hear Immi’s song without the track. Because Simon couldn’t hear Immi’s voice well. Then she sang the song without the track. Simon added “I just because I couldn’t really hear your voice because the track was so loud. There was so much going on. I love the song and really like you and I think you’re fearless, you are brilliant.”

“I just want to say I thought it was an extraordinary performance. You are so confident just went straight into it. You still feel like you’re authentic you still feel like a kid that’s what we were all saying, but you have got the biggest voice”

Amando Holden

And then, with David’s positive feedback, she left the BGT stage, hoping to come back into BGT finals. But she didn’t make it to the finals. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the Wild Card round.

Social media

She is currently active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

How much is Immi Davis’s net worth now?

Immi Davis singer is a schoolgirl who has amazing talent and loves singing. It is pretty sure that she will make a considerable net worth in the future. But for now, her net worth is not available in the public domain. We will update this content as soon as possible.


How old is Immi Davis now?

She is 10 years old now.

Is Immi Davis autistic?

No, she is not an Autistic kid.

Where is Immi Davis from?

She is from London, UK.

What is Immi Davis doing now?

As a 10 years old girl she is still schooling and learning more about music.

Did Immi Davis get through from the semifinals?

Immi performed well in the semifinals, but she was eliminated from the Wild Card that why she didn’t feature in the BGT finals.

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