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Everything about BGT singer Loren Allred + Net worth

Amanda Holden is a popular character in many ways. As a songwriter, singer, a daughter with a musical background, and an actress, she has gained fame. However, she reached the top of the fame due to her Golden Buzzer incident in the BGT. This article will explain what happened at BGT, her career, Loren Allred’s Net worth, and some FAQs.

Biography and Early Life

Loren Allred was born in 1989 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was a person who got the birthright to singing due to her parents. The famous singer studied for a year at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, and then moved to Berklee College of Music in Boston. That was when she graduated. After her graduation, she realized that she had some excellent skills in music as well. The only relationship Loren has had is among her family members.

Family and relationship

Loren’s mother is Carol Ann Allred, a music teacher in profession. Her father is Brady R. Allred, who was working as the director of the Pittsburgh Bach Choir. His other interests are artistic directing and conducting the Salt Lake Choral Artists.

Loren was the eldest in her family, and she is the eldest sister of three younger sisters, Megan, Brennan, and Karin. The 32 years old singer is single at present. But there were rumors that she dated a famous person earlier, which no one proved that.

Loren Allred at BGT 2022
Loren Allred at BGT 2022


Loren Allred is known for her singing talent mostly. Yet, she has done just one album, The Greatest Showman (soundtrack). Because it reached the US, Australia, Japan, and UK peak track the particular soundtrack was crucial. She has released more songs at regular intervals, such as “You Know I’m No Good”, All Around the World”, “Need You Now”, and “When Love Takes Over”. Addition to that, she has appeared in movies such as The Greatest Showman (2017), Dear Evan Hansen (2021) and The Oscars (2018) as well.

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent auditions?

Allred took part in the very first episode of BGT season 15. The BGT spoke person said, “Greatest Showman track, Loren is not a household name, and she deserves her spot on the BGT stage.” Everybody was expecting her to arrive. Therefore, the singer came onto the stage along with an early recognition as well.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Williams were the judges of the episode. Each judge has a Golden Buzzer, and the particular buzzer can send a participant to the semifinals after pressing. Therefore, the 04 judges can send four participants. 

Loren first introduced herself as the singer of the Never Enough in The Greatest Showman. She chose the same track to sing in the audition, and she did it like in the film as well.  “I am absolutely shaking. I can’t believe I’ve had this incredible opportunity to give you your moment to shine because this is it.” It was the comment of Amanda Holden.

Not only she, but all the judges enjoyed that. Also, Amanda emphasized that she was lucky to do so. Simon was the next to comment, and he said that showing off the talents in a movie and on the live stage is a bit of luck that someone can take. Finally, he said that she deserved that.

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent semifinals?

How far did Loren Allred get on Britain’s Got Talent?

You know she is Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer winner of BGT 2022. In the semifinals, her performance inspired the audience and the judges. She was able to get more votes than the Five Star Boys dancing group. So, we can see Loren in the finals.

Did Loren Allred win bgt 2022?

In Britain’s Got Talent 2022 finals Loren sang her original song “Last Thing I’ll Ever Need”. Her performance impressed the audience and judges also. But she was unable to win the BGT title. Stand-up comedian Axel Blake won the AGT 2022.

Is Loren Allred a mezzo soprano?

You will know mezzo or mezzo-soprano is a classical female vocal range between soprano and contralto voice types. When it comes to Loren, her vocal range is around 2 1/2 to 3 octaves. This means she can sing between A below middle C to the A two octaves above. So, we can call Loren Allred a mezzo-soprano.

Who actually sang Never Enough in greatest showman?

Everyone seeking who is the real singer of Never Enough after Loren performance at Britain’s Got Talent. BGT 2022 Loren Allred sang the song Never Enough at BGT, which is a song she sang herself for a musical film The Greatest Showman.

Loren Allred social media

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Loren Allred Networth 2022

Loren Allred’s is believed to be around $3.5 Million. Her singing career, songwriting, acting, influencing and television commercials have brought her this income. However, she is not engaged in promoting special bands as a brand ambassador yet. After appearing in the BGT, her fame increased as she could go to the semifinals along with the appreciation of the judges.


This article has explained Loren Allred’s Golden Buzzer incident. We will update what will Loren Allred happen in the semi-finals and whether she won the BGT season 15 title or not.

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How tall is Loren Allred?

Loren Allred is 5’ 7” high. She is not among the tallest singers in Hollywood.

What nationality is Loren Allred?

She is an American singer.

Is Loren Allred black?

No, Loren is not a black singer.

What is Loren Allred’s ethnic background?

Loren Allred’s ethnicity is white. Both her parents are white people.

Is Loren Allred a mezzo soprano?

Yes. Because she can sing in a particular mezzo-soprano range, she could entertain the audience more than anyone.

What is Loren Allred’s vocal range?

Because Loren’s vocal range is around 2 1/2 to 3 octaves, she is among the best singers in the world.

Did Loren Allred win the voice?

No, she did not win it yet. But Loren is already in the semifinals as she could beat the golden buzzer due to her fantastic performance.

Who is Amanda Holden Golden Buzzer 2022 at BGT?

Loren Allred impressed the BGT audience and judges with her song and got Amanda Holden Golden Buzzer 2022.


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