Who is behind the BGT Witch act 2022 and Wiil she come again on bgt

Where is Witch Now? | Net worth, Relationships and More about BGT Star

Between God and Evil, which will you choose? That’s what BGT Witch tells when he starts his act with terrifying Amanda Holden. But who is behind the BGT Witch act, it’s Martin Portlock. He is an actor, director and writer and as of 2024, he is 42 years old and his net worth is unknown. The Witches are a magician and horror act who reached the Semi Finals of Series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent.

Biography & Early Life

Born in 1982 Bristol, England, Martin spent most of his early years studying art and design. At the age of 18, Martin walked onto the stage at his local theater for the very first time.

Known asWitches
Real nameMartin Portlock
Age42 years old
BirthplaceBristol, England
Weight75 Kg
ProfessionActor, director and writer

Family & Relationships

There are no details to find about Martin Portlock’s family even on his social media.

What happened to the Witch in BGT?

In their audition, they presented a bag of apples to the Judges. David and Alesha were asked to take an apple and bite into it, both were good apples. Amanda was then given two apples, with Simon choosing which one she should eat. The Witch then rhetorically questioned ‘Do you know why they say beauty is only skin deep?’, before going on to state ‘because we’re all rotten to the core’ before going on to crush the apple that Amanda did not eat, revealing it to be filled with maggots. The Witch then left the bag of apples on the Judges Desk before walking back onto the stage and seemingly disappearing. Alesha commented ‘I thought the act was actually brilliant’, with David going on to describe the act as ‘stunning’. Following the performance, The Witch’s face began to briefly flicker on Simon’s buzzer above the stage.

In the Semi Finals, The Witch had another member of their Coven appear and perform upon their behalf. This secondary Witch began their performance by remarking ‘In this whole wide world, the only thing you need to be afraid of is me. Because I have the power to conjure your deepest darkest fears you see’. This secondary Witch tasked Amanda with removing a premonition from within a box which stated it would provide a ‘look into the future of choices made, but which will you choose’. The secondary Witch then tasked every judge with removing a fear from a bag, with David’s fear being TapeWorm, Alesha’s fear being Earwig, Simon’s fear being Maggots and Amanda’s fear being Rodents. This secondary Witch then tasked Amanda with once again reaching into the box, which now contained a Rat. This prompted both Amanda & Alesha to temporarily leave the Judges Desk as this secondary Witch questioned ‘What’s the matter Amanda, rat got your tongue?’, before this secondary Witch was lowered down beneath the stage and seemingly disappeared.

What’s Witch doing now?

He continued his career as an actor, director and writer. After the appearance of BGT he became famous all around the world as a witcher. 

Witch net worth

There are no details about his net worth as of 2024. He continued his career as an actor, director, writer and he makes money on that stage.

Social media


Martin is a very capable, talented actor. He has a fantastic range of acting, going from one extreme to another. He also backs this up with a great amount of commitment. In the past he has acted almost as a crew member on set when he isn’t needed in front of the camera.


Is Witch still performing?

Yes, Martin Portlock is still performing in UK as an actor and director.

Who is Witch’s wife/girlfriend?

There are no details about Martin Portlock’s marital status even on his social media.

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