What Is Ned Woodman Doing Now_ Here Find His Net Worth & Latest facts

What Is Ned Woodman Doing Now? Here Find His Net Worth & Latest facts.

Ned Woodman, The little English boy, amused the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with his humor and became a finalist in BGT. The little kid is all grown up and is a teenager, probably busy with his studies. 

Like every other teenager, Ned is with his parents and probably is not pursuing any career. Therefore his net worth is unknown. However, Ned’s fans might have been curious about what happened to this humorous little kid after BGT. Let’s find out!

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Ned Woodman’s Biography and early life

Ned Woodman was born on May 27, 2008, and is from Maidstone, Kent, England. He will be turning 15 this May. 

Ned has been practicing stand-up comedy since he was 6 years old. Hair brushes were the first microphones he used to practice with. He entertained his friends and family with his performances, which was one of his hobbies. His parents often motivate him to do so. In 2017 he decided to participate in BGT and win the judges’ hearts.

Ned Woodman’s family and relationship

Ned’s father is Liam Woodman. Liam Woodman is an award-winning writer who worked for BBC. There is not much information about Ned’s biological mother. Liam Woodman is divorced from Ned’s biological mom, yet, she was behind the stage supporting Ned during his BGT performances. Ned has two sisters and a brother as well. 

On his first audition, he brought his whole family to support him. His Mom, Dad, Step-mom, two sisters, and older brother were impatiently waiting for him to get through the auditions.

Ned’s dad being a Coming writer, might have been a helping hand in writing Ned’s witty put-downs. 

Talking of Ned’s relationships, there is no information about his relationship status. Yet as a 15-year-old, he might have at least found his first love.

Ned Woodman in BGT finals

Where is Ned Woodman today?

Since Ned is not yet an adult, so he is probably living with his parents. Since his parents are not together, he must be living with either one of them.

What is Ned Woodman doing now?

Ned Woodman has not updated his fans about the latest news on what’s going on. Since he is 15 years old, he is probably in Senior high school. So we could assume that he is focusing on his studies right now.

How much is Ned Woodman’s net worth? 

Ned has not revealed his net worth. Since he is a student, he is most likely earning little.

What happened to Ned Woodman in Britain Got Talent? 


In 2017 when Ned entered the stage for his auditions, the Judges started to admire his cuteness. Yet they did know that they were going to get roasted by this witty kid. 

Ned first started his performance by roasting the judges of BGT-

Why are people so excited about that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent? Amanda Holden has been on it for years! 

Ned Woodman

Straightaway, Amanda went for the red button while the other judges were Laughing.

Amanda seemed to be offended because the savage kid called her dog. Yet she gave him a yes while praising the way Ned delivered his jokes. Ned continued to make jokes criticizing Ant and, Dec, Alesha. Simon and William. Despite Amanda’s Quick Reaction, Ned got four yeses.

Although it’s hard to make Simon laugh, it wasn’t a problem for Ned.

Ned, You look sort of nice and sweet, but You are very cheeky, and that is why I like you.

Simon Cowell

Semi finals

Ned began his Semi-Final performance by explaining that after his audition, he got comments about his jokes being harsh. The Little Kid indeed got a lot of hate for calling Amanda a dog in his audition. Some people said that his jokes don’t suit his age. So he decided to address the hate wittily.

He revealed a ‘101 Jokes for Kids’ book. Ned then described the book as ‘lame’ and jokingly asked if David had written it. He then made jokes about all the other judges and Ant & Dec as Usual. 

His semi-final Performance got a lot of positive feedback, along with a loud cheer from the audience.

 I’ve got a feeling that in 10 years’ time, you might be sitting in this chair instead of me,

Simon Cowell

This put a bright smile on Ned’s face. Interestingly, Simon also said that the dog joke about Amanda, which Ned did in his audition, was the funniest in the Show. David commented, “you’re like a cute kitten that you stroke, and as soon as you do, it bites you,’ which indeed is true.”

Ned got enough public votes and advance to the finals.


In his final performance, he remarked that he would do some magic. Then he continued saying, “For my first trick I’m going to make the Judges’ smiles disappear – Oh wait, I already did that by getting through to the Final!” He then made witty comments about Ant & Dec, Sharon Osbourne, and Gary Barlow. Ned even made fun of Prince Phillips Retiring by saying, “Who’s going to travel the world offending people now?”

 Even though Ned could not win the contest, he was ranked 10th in the finals.

Career Update.

After BGT, Ned performed a stand-up comedy for a while. As of now, his career is unknown.

Social Media

Ned Woodman has an InstagramFacebook, and Twitter account. He has been inactive on those since 2018.


Ned’s Witty tongue shined throughout the 11th season of Britain’s Got Talent. His Innocent face and savage personality won the hearts of millions. The 8-year-old kid who just wanted to get through auditions eventually became a remarkable character of BGT.


How old is Ned Woodman in 2022?

In 2022, Ned Woodman turned 14.

What year was Ned Woodman on BGT?

Ned Woodman was in series 11 of BGT in 2017.

When is Ned Woodman’s Birthday?

Ned’s Birthday is on May 27.

Who is Ned Woodman’s father?

Ned Woodman’s father is Liam Woodman. He is a comic script writer.

Did Ned Woodman Win BGT?

No. Ned did not win BGT. He reached the finals and was placed 10th.

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