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Matt Edwards is a magician who participated in Series 11 of Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, receiving the golden buzzer from Ant and Dec. He finished the competition in 4th Place, just missing out on the top 3. Matt is 42 years old and he is from Suffolk. He has a net worth of $7 million.

Biography & Early Life

Matt was already performing magic tricks when he was 5 years old and had been performing professionally in the field for 2 decades before appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. He dropped out of school and followed a magician friend to Paris when he was 16.

Known asMatt Edwards
Real nameMatt Edwards
Age42 years old
BirthdayDecember 11, 1982

Family & Relationships

He is from Suffolk, England. He has a couple of nieces. Matt Edwards usually enjoys life with his wife Romaine Chapman.

Spouse Romaine Chapman

What happened to Matt Edwards in BGT?

To begin his performance, Edwards announced he was going to propose a toast, however he was going to ‘dramatize’ it to make the most of his two minutes. He first re-enacted the beginning of a film, imitating the Pearl and Dean soundtrack, before beginning to perform an instrumental of ‘Tequila’ by The Champs. He poured a glass of alcohol, before pouring in salt, which then disappeared from his hand. It then reappeared, however the salt did not stop falling from his hand. He then finally proposed the ‘toast’ and drank a shot of salt-alcohol. David remarked ‘what a brilliant way to present a magic trick’, whilst Amanda commented ‘I think you’re charming, I think you’re funny and you’re kind of old-school with a twist’. Ant and Dec pressed their Golden Buzzer, sending him directly through to the Semi Finals.

As he entered the stage in his semi final performance, he ‘comedy’ fell off the stage, asked for a ladder to help him up, then asked Dec to grab his leg, leading to his trouser leg falling off. He then explained he had started a ‘company’ and was launching a ‘product’, revealing a silver ball he described as a ‘sexy detector’; the higher it bounced, the sexier you are. He bounced it, reaching his hip, then encouraged Ant to drop it, however it did not bounce at all. He then explained that he was going to do ‘something’ to Ant, depending on which number he rolled, with each number having a corresponding playing card facing away from the audience. Ant rolled the number 5, revealed to be ‘Hug’ on the card. As he was hugging Ant, he revealed to the audience that all 5 other cards said ‘Kill’ on the other side. David commented ‘you are a brilliant entertainer, it was really inventive and you covered so many angles there’, with Alesha adding ‘you remind me of Jim Carey in a really good way’.

In his Final performance, Matt explained that he wanted to make a big entrance, climbing up a ladder with a rope and then falling from the top of the stage to the floor. He then brought Dec on stage and got the audience to write the names of famous people on paper and put it in a box. He then shouted ‘do you want more’ and then began speaking in a sped-up voice as he explained he did not have much time, finishing with ‘and then ending up with David Walliams’ pants in my pocket’. He then performed some ‘finger-manipulation’, finishing the performance by pulling David’s underwear in his pocket. He then asked David to pick a name from the box of celebrities and burnt holes in a piece of paper to reveal an image of the celebrities (Ant & Dec). Alesha remarked ‘the trick was amazing but I much prefer it when it’s just you’, with Simon adding ‘It’s your personality that is your USP’.

What’s Matt Edwards doing now?

Matt Edwards has 6.3k followers on Instagram. He is a comedian and a magician. With an act like you’ve never seen before, he effortlessly combines comedy and magic to have any audience howling with laughter. He presents live shows and events.

Matt Edwards net worth

Matt Edwards has a net worth of $7 million. He presents live shows and events in England and USA. He makes money from it. 

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42 years old Matt Edwards is a magician who participated in Series 11 of Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, receiving the golden buzzer from Ant and Dec. He finished the competition in 4th Place. He presents live shows and events in England and USA.


Is Matt Edwards still performing?

Yes, he is still performing as a magician in England and USA.

Who is Matt Edwards’s wife?

Matt Edwards has a lovely wife and she is Romaine Chapman.

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