Where is Aidan Bryant Now? | Net worth, Relationships and More about AGT Star

Introducing Aidan Bryant, the remarkable aerialist who took Season 16 of America’s Got Talent by storm, securing 2nd place and winning hearts with his breathtaking performances. Here are some facts about him.

Biography and Early life

Aidan Bryant, the extraordinary aerialist, embarked on his acrobatic journey at the age of 14, using a tree and his grandma’s bedsheet as his training ground. Hailing from Virginia, this self-taught performer achieved mastery in contortion, hand balancing, and even archery, all without any formal dance or gymnastics training. His love for acrobatics blossomed rapidly, leading him to showcase his intricate aerial routines on the prestigious “AGT” stage.

Known asAidan Bryant
Real nameAidan Bryant
Age (as of 2024)19 years old
BirthdaySeptember 5, 2005
ProfessionAcrobatics artist and gymnast

Family and relationships

Details about Aidan Bryant’s family and relationships are not extensively available in the public domain.

What is happened to Aidan Bryant in AGT?

Aidan Bryant had an impressive journey on America’s Got Talent. As a skilled aerialist, he captivated the judges and audience with his breathtaking performances. Aidan progressed through the auditions, quarterfinals, and semifinals, showcasing his talent and versatility in each round. In the Season 16 finale, he delivered a mash-up routine with World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Jordan Chiles, and MyKayla Skinner.

Ultimately, Aidan finished the competition in 2nd place, securing a remarkable runner-up position. His outstanding aerial routines and fearless performances made him a standout contestant on AGT Season 16. Aidan later returned for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, where he not only won the competition but also earned the title of “AGT Ultimate All-Star.” His journey on AGT showcased his incredible talent and left a lasting impact on the show’s legacy.

Aidan Bryant Net worth

As of 2024, his net worth is 4 million USD. however, there’s no resources available on his revenue. Supposedly, his income might come from his career as a gymnast.

What is Aidan doing now?

As of today Bryant continues being an acrobatics artist and gymnast.

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In conclusion, Aidan Bryant’s journey on America’s Got Talent Season 16 and subsequent victories in All-Stars and Fantasy League highlight his exceptional aerialist skills. With numerous accolades and a reported net worth of 4 million USD, Aidan has not only captivated audiences but also achieved significant success in his career. His remarkable performances continue to leave a lasting impact on the AGT stage and beyond.


  1. How did Aidan Bryant start acrobatics?
    • Aidan Bryant began acrobatics at 14, teaching himself skills like contortion and archery.
  2. What makes Aidan Bryant unique in AGT history?
    • Aidan is the first aerial act to win AGT and the third-youngest runner-up.
  3. What did Aidan achieve in AGT spin-offs?
    • Aidan won AGT: All-Stars and impressed in AGT: Fantasy League.

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