Where is Team Acrodunk Concept Now? Net worth & Latest News

Acrodunk, founded by Jerry L. Burrell in 1994, is a dynamic basketball performance squad known for its slam dunk variations. With a mission to inspire, they’ve appeared on America’s Got Talent twice, during season 01 and finally in season 04. They got eliminated from the finals in season 4. Additionally, as of 2024 their net worth is estimated to be $250 000. Here are some facts about them.

Biography and Early life

Acrodunk, founded by the visionary Jerry L. Burrell in 1994, boasts a lineup of talented performers, each contributing their unique flair to the squad’s dynamic displays. The team includes Jerry L. Burrell himself, known as JB, Gregory L. Mueller (G-Man), Gregory T. Jerralds (GT), Jason Skillern (J-Skillz), Mattew Marzo (M&M), Anthony J. Grant (Ninja), Eddie Ray Johnson III (Easy Eddie), Jesus El (Zeus), Elijah S. Price (Showtime), Joshua Tomas Rasile (3D), Devin Alexander (Spidey), and Timothy Muscarella (Jerzee). While their individual biographies and early life details are not extensively available, these athletes have collectively elevated them to new heights.

Where is Team Acrodunk from?USA

What happened to Acrodunk at AGT?

In Season 1 of America’s Got Talent, Team AcroDunk, a basketball dunking group, impressed the judges with their creative variations of hopping onto a trampoline to dunk basketballs into a hoop. Despite receiving a buzz from Piers Morgan, they advanced to the Semifinals with “Yes” votes from Brandy Norwood, David Hasselhoff, and possibly Piers Morgan. However, in the Semifinals, Team AcroDunk did not secure enough votes to finish in at least second place, leading to their elimination from the competition.

Returning in Season 4 as Acrodunk, the group showcased acrobatic dunking feats in their audition, earning “Yes” votes from Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff. Advancing to the Quarterfinals, Acrodunk impressed the judges with trampoline tricks and basketball shots, earning enough votes to move to the Semifinals.

In the Semifinals, Acrodunk’s performance featured basketball dunks, flips, and backflips, including a member dunking a ball through a flaming ring into a flaming loop. Despite receiving standing ovations from the judges, Acrodunk did not receive enough votes to advance to the Finals, leading to their elimination from the competition.

Acrodunk’s Networth

As of 2024 their net worth is estimated to be $250 000. However, the financial details of performance groups like they can be challenging to determine due to various income streams, performances, and business activities.

What is Acrodunk doing now?    

This team is an Acrobatic Basketball Dunkers. They have 4.2k followers on Instagram. After AGT they performed their shows as usual.

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In brief, Acrodunk, led by Jerry L. Burrell, a renowned basketball performance squad, is known for its slam dunk variations. Despite being eliminated from America’s Got Talent Season 4 in the Top 20 round, they continue to inspire globally with their dynamic displays. While specific biographical details are limited, the team’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $250,000. With an active presence on Instagram and Facebook, they persists in thrilling audiences post-AGT.


  1. Who founded Acrodunk?
    • AJerry L. Burrell found Acrodunk in 1994.
  2. What happened to Acrodunk on America’s Got Talent?
    • Acrodunk participated in AGT Season 4. They were eliminated in the Top 20 round.
  3. What is Acrodunk’s estimated net worth as of 2024?
    • In 2024, estimates place Acrodunk’s net worth at $250,000

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