What Happened to Tonikaku in AGT 2024?

Best known for his hilarious “body performance” act posing to look like he’s naked at American’s Got Talent 2024.

Age (at audition)42 Years
Home TownTokyo
ActBody Performance
Position ReachedSelected to Next Round

Tonikaku, whose real name is Shōgō Yasumura, is a 42-year-old Japanese comedian from Tokyo, Japan. He auditioned for Season 19 of America’s Got Talent (AGT) with his unique “body performance” act that looked like he is naked, earning positive responses from both the judges and the audience. He received All Four Yes votes to get advanced to the next round.


Shōgō Yasumura, known professionally as Tonikaku, comes from Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Asahikawa Business High School and later attended Tokyo NSC, where he became part of the 6th generation.

Before AGT, he got so popular on various international talent shows including Britain’s Got Talent, France’s Got Talent, and Germany’s Got Talent. Besides comedy, he has also entered into music, releasing a track titled “PANTS” under the alias MC TONY in 2023.

Tonikaku Biography 

Tonikaku, born Shōgō Yasumura on March 15, 1982, in Tokyo, Japan, is a 42-year-old comedian and performer.

Real Name Shōgō Yasumura
Age42 Years
BirthdayMarch 15, 1982 
BirthplaceAsahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
Height 1.77 m

Family & Relationships

Tonikaku is known to keep his personal life private. So, he has not directly exposed his personal life on social media. It is sure that he has a supportive family that cheers him on through his various performances and endeavors.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


During his audition for AGT Season 19, Tonikaku captivated the audience and judges with his hilarious “body performance” act. Simon Cowell, a judge who had seen him on Britain’s Got Talent, expressed his excitement and said that Tonikaku is his son Eric’s favorite act.

Tonikaku’s performance included poses of a football player, John Wick, a basketball player, and someone putting their handprints in concrete. Everyone enjoyed his performance and laughed a lot for his comedy. However, he could grab all Yes votes and earn a spot in the next round.

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Tonikaku’s unique comedic style and daring performances have made him a popular contestant on America’s Got Talent. With his background in various international talent shows and his entrance into music, Tonikaku continues to entertain and inspire audiences around the world. Let’s see how he rocks the stage in next round.

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