What Happened to Chris Ivan in AGT 2024

Best known for his Guinness World Record attempt for hitting human targets with plunger.

Age (at audition)28 Years
Home TownSeattle, Washington
Position ReachedEliminated From The Audition

Chris Ivan is a 28-year-old from Seattle who auditioned for Season 19 of America’s Got Talent with a unique act. He is well known for his Guinness World Record in plunger throwing. In AGT 2024 Chris attempted to break his own record during his audition but faced an unexpected outcome. His failure led him to receive all No votes from the judges.


Chris Ivan comes from Seattle, Washington. Before his appearance on AGT, he was already a Guinness World Record holder, known for his unusual yet impressive skill of hitting human targets with plungers. Chris’s journey to fame started in Milan, Italy, where he set a world record by hitting 16 human targets with plungers in one minute.

His friends and family played an important role in his preparation and success. Chris is also a professional marathon runner, having completed the LA marathon with minimal training.

Chris is a social media star known for his hobby of attempting plunger trick-shot challenges. His TikTok account has over 1.3 million followers. He posts videos of his challenges, such as getting a plunger to stick to a gas station, marketplace, and billboard signs.

Chris Ivan Biography 

Chris Ivan is a 28 year old Guinness World Record Holder from Seattle, Washington.

Real Name Chris Ivan
BirthdayFebruary 12, 1996
BirthplaceSeattle, Washington
ProfessionProfessional Marathon Runner, Guinness World Record Holder

Family & Relationships

Chris Ivan’s strong family support has been important to his achievements. His close family includes his mom and brother, who have been his pillars of support throughout his journey.

As per the online evidences , Chris do have a girl friend too.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


During his AGT audition, Chris attempted to break his own world record of hitting human targets with plungers. Despite his best efforts and the presence of a Guinness representative, he only managed to hit two people. He needed 17 to break his record. The judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, were unimpressed and gave him four X’s.

Social Media


Chris Ivan’s journey on AGT was short. Although he did not succeed in breaking his record during his audition, his previous achievements make him a remarkable and inspiring individual. Let’s do have a hope of him breaking his record someday.

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