What Happened to Arshiya Sharma in AGT 2024?

Best known for her chilling, scary and unique contortionist performance on AGT Season 19.

Age (at audition)13 Years
Home TownJammu, Kashmir, India
Position ReachedSelected to the next round

Arshiya Sharma is a 13-year-old contortionist from Jammu, Kashmir. She left the judges and audience amazed and shocked with her performance on America’s Got Talent Season 19. Because of her unique and scary dance and contortion, she made a memorable debut at the stage and could earn four enthusiastic “yes” votes from the judges.


Arshiya Sharma comes from Jammu, Kashmir, India. Before appearing on AGT, she had already made a name for herself in the Indian entertainment industry. She participated in “Super Dancer Chapter 4,” where she reached the top ten.

Arshiya has also showcased her acting skills in short films like “Ghungru Ek Sangharsh” and “Sare Jahan Se Acha.” Additionally, she stars in the popular daily soap “Mangal Lakshmi” on Colors TV.

Arshiya Sharma Biography 

Arshiya Sharma was born on 21st of August 2010 and she is 13 years old as of May 2024.

Real Name Arshiya Sharma
Age13 years
Birthday21 August 2010
BirthplaceJ&K, India

Family & Relationships

Arshiya is supported by her loving family, who encouraged her passion for dance and contortion from a young age. Her parents are Mrs.Mridhu Mahajan and Mr.Anil Sharma. Arshia’s mother was seen nervously waiting backstage during her AGT audition too. Her grandmother’s name is Shashi Bala.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


When Arshiya Sharma stepped onto the AGT stage, she introduced herself as a dancer from Jammu, Kashmir. After a brief introduction, she left the stage to “prepare” for her act. The crew then set up a creepy dollhouse, hinting at the chilling performance to come.

“I am a dancer, but I don’t want to be like others; I want to be different,” said the bubbly young girl. “So, I tried doing gymnastics and added some flexibility moves into my dance to be different.”

Arshiya Sharma

Arshiya reappeared transformed, wearing tattered clothes, white contact lenses, and covered in fake blood. To “Ring Around the Rosie,” she performed a contortionist act that left the judges and audience horrified for a moment. Her jaw-dropping moves such as landing on her neck and performing a mid-air backflip made all the audience in amazement.

It was one of the best contortionists and most horrific dance as per the comments of Heidi and Howie. Everyone got impressed and , she could grab all four Yes votes.

“It’s like the exorcist… so unexpected, and frightening, and brilliant.”

Simon Cowell

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Arshiya Sharma’s performance on America’s Got Talent was amazing . Her unique blend of contortion and dance left a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience. Everyone is waiting for her next move on the stage.

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