Tiktokers invading strangers' Houses

Tiktokers invading strangers’ Houses: Tiktok’s new disturbing challenge leaves people shocked

Tiktok introduces many new challenges with time, and trends are quickly picked up by many. People have taken the tiktok trends to a new level by invading random strangers’ houses. The challenge first took place with groups of young people walking into people’s houses. This absurd trend has left many people disturbed and afraid

A TikToker named Mizzy posted a video of him walking into a random house with a few others. He begins to film with others by saying, ‘Walking into random houses, let’s go.’ The initial poster faced a lot of backlash from social media. The tiktoker has now deleted his account. However, the video is still being shared and circulated on social media. 

This group of tiktokers advances into the house as a woman shouts, “Excuse me, what are you doing?.” The homeowners also had a child at that moment. They were shocked and intimidated by this senseless act. Mizzy and the group of youngsters proceed to film inside every room. They even lie on the sofa without a single care. 

Apparently, this is not the first time they have intruded on a random property. The group has previously invaded a Jewish family home and restricted areas of schools and supermarkets. These tiktokers have also posted videos of them walking into people’s houses, asking people to be their friends. Another video was posted of this tiktoker, Mizzy, running off with a random woman’s dog. 

The Metropolitan Police has conducted multiple investigations. Recently, the police arrested the tiktoker, Mizzy. Officers are conducting enquiries to establish the location and those involved.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan police declared, ‘They are keen to speak to anyone with any information. Please contact police on 101 or via @MetCC.’


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