Hyundai and KIA vehicle owners under threat

A Shocking Rise of Car Thefts in the USA: KIA and Hyundai Vehicle Owners in Trouble.

Several news reports have mentioned that major cities in the USA are threatened by car theft. KIA and Hyundai car theft has been on the rise over the years, according to the reports. Recently, police departments in states like Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Michigan have issued warnings to the owners of KIA and Hyundai vehicles. Within the last two weeks, the south side of Chicago reportedly had over 16 complaints of theft or attempted theft of KIA or Hyundai vehicles. 

It has become evident that the key reason for such thefts started through a new and illegal social media trend called “The KIA Challenge.” The lack of an immobiliser or a push-button makes it easier for the thieves to rob KIA and Hyundai vehicles.

Thieves use cables like iPhone cables to break into the Car’s steering columns. Many people affected by the thefts have complained, while others fear losing their vehicles. 

Thefts have been surging around the USA due to the shortcomings of the Car. Hyundai America and KIA America have reached a settlement to compensate for the loss of customers. Over $200 million are set to provide compensation by KIA and Hyundai. 

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