Texas University’s Memorable Graduation: Mom, Dad, and Daughter’s Unforgettable Achievement

Graduation days fill us with emotions, pride, and gratitude that last a lifetime. At Texas Lutheran University, one particular graduation ceremony became an affair as a family trio – a mom, dad, and their daughter – took center stage. 

Empowering Individuals for Self-Directed Learning

Greg Adams (father), who served in the Army for 22 years is going to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration degree. In addition to focusing on his studies, Greg focused on an integral part of the university’s golf team. Further, he played a key role in TLU’s annual VITA tax clinic, displaying his likelihood to work toward the community.

Roby Adams (mother)  is receiving dual accomplishment, graduating with both her Master of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees. She was working as a supplemental instructor, providing valuable tutoring to fellow students in Principles of Accounting throughout her time at TLU. Her nature of liking to help others create a better community at TLU.

The daughter Ashley Adam is completing her studies at TLU with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She sets her ambition on becoming a math teacher and track and field coach in the future. She has a great enthusiast for studies and track and field.

Quotes By the proud daughter

“Graduating with my family is by far going to be one of the most special moments of my life,” said Ashley.

“It’s amazing to see them turning yet another page to start a new chapter of their lives,” Ashley said. 

“Going back to school and getting a degree after 22 years in the Army. Taking the time to be a supplemental instructor and help your classmates while getting your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I just can’t express how proud and impressed I am.”Ashley said

The Adams family’s story is one of inspiration, resilience, and the power of education to transform lives. Their shared experience at TLU reflects the university’s attitude to facilitating a supportive and inclusive environment, allowing students of all backgrounds to succeed.

As the Adam family moves forward from graduation day, this amazing family will continue to make collective achievements. They will excel in their respective fields, with determination, support, and continuous hard work. The family provides the community with the main idea that education extends beyond school days.

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