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The heroic act of a California first responder who saves a 1-year-old son from drowning in a pool

In a critical moment, a California first responder showed great power as he rescued his 1-year-old son from almost drowning in a pool. The association informed Fox News Digital that the father is Zachary Petite, a fire engineer and paramedic at Hemet Fire Department. This remarkable story shows the importance of quick action and the important role of trained professionals in situations like this.

The Hemet Firefighters Association shared the footage on social media. Cole, who jumped into the pool, is the youngest son in the family. It is seen that the 1-year-old first appears to be walking and later jumps to the pool. As soon as the boy jumps in the water, Petite quickly jumps on the ground and gets his son out.

As a first responder, he has undergone powerful training in lifesaving methods. He is grateful for the training he has received at Helmet Association which assisted him in saving his child’s life.

This exciting story acts as a reminder of the importance of CPR training and water safety education. Having these basic life-saving skills can be an added advantage in emergencies, where every second holds great importance. 

The heroic act of this father who saved his 1-year-old son from drowning in a pool can be an inspiring story for other parents to be alert about their kids at all times. The father advised other parents to include a gate if there’s a pool, a child safety lock, and door alarms for child safety.

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