Biggest fast food chains in the US

Changes in the Biggest fast food chains in the USA revealed: Hunt Brothers Pizza tops Pizza Hut and Domino’s!

The world of statistics revealed statistics of the biggest fast food chain in the USA on May 21, 2023. The World of Statistics has ranked 17 of the most popular fast food chains in the USA in the US with their number of locations. Hunt Brothers Pizza has ranked itself above Pizza Hut and Domino’s

Subway ranked on top with 20,603 locations in the US. Papa John’s has ended at the bottom with 3,122 locations in the USA. Little Caesar’s with 4,162 locations in the USA has surpassed KFC with 3,895 locations. 

Sonic Drive-Inn and Arby’s have secured places above Chipotle on the list as well. McDonald’s has ranked above Burger King and Wendy’s with 13,515 locations across the USA. Some other popular fast food chains like In-N-Out, Jollibee, Hardee’s, Chick-fil-A, and Baskin Robbins have not made it to this list. 

The fast food industry is one of the most popular and growing industries in the US. According to the IBIS world reports, Fast Food restaurants in the USA has a business growth rate of 1.4% as of 2023. The World of Statistics institution is committed to bringing national and international statistics of various aspects. The institute currently operates with a huge network of over 2,360 organizations worldwide.

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