Willy Wonka’s ‘Chocolate Factory’ Turns Out to Be Just a “Warehouse”, No Chocolates For Kids!

Following the infamous Fyre Festival, the greatest party that never happened, a new event emerged, the Willy Wonka “immersive experience”. Set in Glasgow, Scotland, promoters advertised it as a journey into the heart of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, boasting a chocolate river and edible wonders. However, this journey transformed into an underwhelming reality. Instead of immersing attendees in the marvels of Wonka’s world, an almost empty warehouse, barely decorated with a few props and lacking any of the promised chocolate delights, welcomed them.

The Illusion Crafted by the House of Illuminati

The event was orchestrated by the House of Illuminati. A company based in London, The organizers of the event utilized AI-generated imagery and text in its promotions. Setting expectations high for an enchanting adventure.

A reality far removed from their sugary dreams awaited the excited ticket holders. As visitors describe there were only four or five props, a few jelly beans for the kids, and half a cup of lemonade. And surprisingly there were no chocolates. In fact, when some ticket holders showed up with their kids, they called the police.

Actors’ Efforts and Public Reaction

The swift spread of information quickly boiled over onto social media. Parents and children shared their disillusionment. That highlighted the gulf between what was promised and what was delivered.

The stand-up comedian Paul Connell, brought in to play Willy Wonka, revealed that everything was organized super last-minute. Including the script, which was 15 pages of AI nonsense. The actors tried to make the best of it, aiming to bring some joy to the kiddos, but things got tense with angry parents.

After the event turned into a flop, the House of Illuminati popped up with an apology on social media, promising refunds to everyone. But parents are still waiting for their money back.


this event teaches a crucial lesson: don’t rely solely on AI for marketing and scriptwriting. Failing to deliver on promises is more damaging than ever, as seen with infamous events like Fyre Festival, DashCon, and the newest addition “Willy Wonka the Immersive Experience”.

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