There's A Whole Another Country In The USA This Small Nation Uses Cookie Dough As Currency!

There’s A Whole Another Country In The USA | This Small Nation Uses Cookie Dough As Currency!

Located about 30 miles east of Carson City, Nevada, the Republic of Molossia lies hidden in the remote Nevada desert. This Micronation is accessible right off Route 50 in the Dayton Valley. Founded on May 26, 1977, by Kevin Baugh and James Spielman, the micronation is not recognized by the United Nations. Despite this, Molossia has its own ‘navy, naval academy, space program, railroad, postal service, bank, tourist attractions, measurement system, holidays, movie theatre, online radio station, and its own time zone!

One of the most intriguing things about this nation is that everything is valued according to the Pillsbury cookie dough. But there are more unbelievably fascinating things about this country. Let’s look into the birth of this micronation, its life, and more.

The Birth of a Nation: The Founding of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia was initially founded as the Grand Republic of Goldstein in 1977 before rebranding as the Republic of Molossia. President Kevin Baugh was inspired by his vision at the age of 15. He developed Molossia into a fully-fledged micronation with its own government system, laws, and even a space program.

In 2010, the Republic of Molossia featured in a program by Channel Awesome called Kickassia. Baugh played a fictional version of himself. In the film, this micronation is invaded by the Nostalgia Critic (played by Comedian Doug Walker). He briefly takes over Molossia with a dictatorship “Kickassia.” However, they were ousted not later than 2 days. This event is mentioned on the official website of the Republic of Molossia and the president treats the events of the film as factual. The name of the country changed from the proclaimed Dictatorship of Kickassia in
April 9, 2010, to the Second Republic of Molossia on April 11, 2010.

“Some counties use useless things like gold or silver for their currency, but we use chocolate chip cookie dough for the Molossian Valora. A tube of the cookie dough is worth about 5 Valora.”

President Kevin Baugh
Republic of Molossia
Image source: Carta / Molossia

A Glimpse into Molossian Life: Culture, Currency, and Customs

Visitors need a passport to enter Molossia and the micronation has a customs station where passports are stamped upon entry. Molossia has a population of 38 citizens and offers unique services and attractions such as a movie theatre, an online radio station, a bank, and a distinctive time zone.

The micronation functions as a ‘third-world nation’ due to its lack of paved roads and infrastructure like a hospital or an airport. However, it has its currency printed on poker chips, based on the value of Pillsbury cookie dough. Besides, Molossia boasts a national anthem, a unique language (Esperanto), and its own measurement system and postal service.

Tourism in Molossia is fueled by its unique currency, self-proclaimed naval academy, and space program. Notably, interactions with other micronations and diplomatic efforts are part of Molossia’s place within a global community of similar entities.

Republic of Molossia
Image source: Ramblin’ Randy
Republic of Molossia
Image source: Ramblin Randy

Molossia’s Military With Inflatable Boats!

The micronation has its own navy, known as the Molossian Navy, consisting of five inflatable boats. The navy’s goal is ‘to explore those watery places that dot the western landscape like gems in the sand’, with a readiness to defend Molossia when necessary through the valiant Naval Infantry.

What’s Forbidden in Molossia? | There is even a jail!

Molossia has forbidden both locals and foreign guests to bring walruses, onions, spinach, and catfish into the nation. Moreover, it has a jail, mainly used to ‘briefly jail those tourists that bring contraband into Molossia’.

Republic of Molossia
Image source: Ramblin Randy

Iconic Space programs too!

With an unofficial claim on a patch of sea 470 miles off the coast of Mexico and nearly 50,000 square miles of land on the surface of Neptune, Molossia’s intergalactic aspirations are evident through its space program, the Molossian Air and Space Agency, which periodically launches rockets, some carrying Mexican jumping beans.


Molossia’s uniqueness appeals to those interested in geography, history, and the mysteries of the world. The story also reflects values of curiosity, respect for cultural heritage, and environmental conservation. The future of Molossia and similar micronations in the broader global context presents an intriguing subject for contemplation. It emphasizes education and entertainment through the exploration of such entities.

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