Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Divorce Heats Up Over The Custody of Their Two Children!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Divorce Heats Up Over The Custody of Their Two Children!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s divorce has been the talk of the Internet. The newest story doing the rounds is that Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas for the return of their two young children to the UK. Court papers showed that the Jonas Brothers singer has taken custody of their children’s passports and is refusing to hand them over. Let’s dive deeper into the details of this twist in the story.

Heated Divorce Over the Kids!

Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner in early September. In a media statement, he said that his only concern in this process is the welfare of his children. His statement also states that Sophie has dubbed this as an abduction of their children unfairly because she wants to move the children to the UK permanently. A Florida court order restricts both parents from relocating their children. The two children are currently living with Sophie in New York.

Jonas’s statements said he had thought that they agreed to work together for an amicable co-parenting setup. But less than 24 hours later, Sophie had claimed that she wanted to take the children permanently to the UK. She demanded that Jonas hand over the children’s passports. Sophie had the plan to take them out of the country immediately. The initial plan between the couple was for the children to stay with Jonas and his family in the US. This is until Sophie finished filming a new drama series in the UK in May 2023. She had been expecting to return to the UK with the children after flying to New York in mid-September.

But all that planning was before the divorce was announced! Sophie Turner has also said that the first time she heard of Jonas filing for divorce was through the media. That is approximately four days after it was filed. But a joint statement from the couple earlier this month said that the decision to divorce was ‘amicable’ and ‘mutually decided’.

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