Is Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Heading For Divorce

Has The Marriage Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Come To An End?

There is a burning question on everyone’s mind these days with the new rumor of a divorce between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The two have made a few appearances without their wedding rings. Fans are curious to know what’s going on between them. There is yet to be any official statement released regarding their situation. Let’s dive in to know more about the couple and the rumors surrounding their marriage

Sophie Turner attended one of Jonas Brother’s concerts last month. The couple seemed fine and in love. Sophie even posted some of their lovely pictures on Instagram on August 15, 2023. Joe again posted a picture on Instagram with Kevin and Nick. It’s hard to completely assume that their marriage has fallen apart. However, the sale of their recently purchased mansion in Miami tells a different story. 

Even more worryingly, several knowledgeable sources have confirmed to reporters at TMZ that Jonas has indeed been in contact with at least two divorce lawyers in LA. Also, he has reportedly retained the services of one of them. Some say the couple have had a few fallouts within the last few months. However, Joe Jonas has been a very caring father to two kids even while touring, according to TMZ

Let’s take a look back at their story. They interacted for the first time through their Instagram DMs in 2016. Subsequently, the couple announced their engagement in 2019 and had a Vegas-style wedding. One wedding not seemingly being enough they also tied the knot a second time in France.  

But two weddings and two children don’t seem to have made any difference to them as we watch them making very leading moves towards divorce proceedings. The two selling their house can even express a business decision. If not, it’s something very personal between the two!

Since there are no official statements by either Jonas or Turner or any of their official spokespeople, we can only observe the story as it unfolds and anticipate the outcome. 

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