Is Kim Kardashian Dating A Popular NFL Player

Is Kim Kardashian Dating A Popular NFL Player?

In the ever-evolving world of celebrity friendships and relationships, Kim Kardashian‘s name is often in the mix. The reality star-turned-business mogul is no stranger to the spotlight, and recently, she’s been seen spending time with a certain NFL superstar. No, not just any player, but Odell Beckham Jr.! If your immediate reaction is to search for a couple of names (Kimdell? or Kardashian?), you might want to hold on just a bit. Let’s delve into the details.

Here’s How Their Paths Crossed

Kim K and Odell, two giants in their respective fields, have been seen together lately. But before we jump to any conclusions, it appears they’re simply hanging out, thanks to a shared circle of friends. Yep, you heard it right: mutual friends. Who are they? We don’t know yet. But that’s the world of celebrities for you, full of unexpected crossovers and friendships.

Where Does Kim Stand Relationship-wise?

Sources close to Kim have spilled the beans. She’s not deep into dating anyone seriously right now. And even though Odell’s been in the picture, he’s solidly marked as a ‘friend.’ With her powerhouse brand, SKIMS, and her full-time job as a mom, Kim’s plate is pretty full. So, while it might be fun to envision a new headline-making relationship, it seems like Kim’s current headline is all about friendship.

What about Odell Becham Jr.?

Odell’s personal life has also been under the scanner. Reports from People magazine say that he and his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Wood, called it quits earlier this year. This split came soon after they celebrated the birth of their son, Zydn, in February 2022.

Now, I know some eagle-eyed fans noticed Kim at a few L.A. Rams games last year, cheering for the team when Odell was part of it. But remember, correlation doesn’t mean causation. Just because two celebs are in the same place doesn’t automatically spell romance.


In today’s whirlwind celebrity world, it’s easy to confuse a simple coffee run or shared laugh as the start of a new Hollywood romance. But sometimes, two stars hanging out are just that – two friends enjoying each other’s company.

For now, Kim and Odell seem to be two buddies bonding over mutual friends and shared interests. And honestly, that’s pretty cool. Celebrity or not, genuine friendships are something we can all root for. So here’s to hoping they have a lot of fun, laughter-filled times ahead!

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