BTS Is Coming Back In 2025! Where Will They Have Their Reunion Concert

BTS Is Coming Back In 2025! Where Will They Have Their Reunion Concert?

The music world is abuzz with the epic announcement that has left ARMYs across the globe thrilled. BTS is making its grand return in 2025! After a period of much speculation and amidst the military service hiatus, the heartwarming news about the band’s reunion is like music to the ears of countless fans. Get ready to mark your calendar and be ready with your army bomb. Let’s dive into what we know so far about this much-anticipated comeback.

An Unwavering Bond with BigHit Music

BTS’s decision to renew contracts with BigHit Music is a testament to their unwavering dedication. This isn’t the first time they chose to extend their association with BigHit.
The group, which made its debut in June 2013, previously renewed their contracts in October 2018. The fact that the members went for renewal two years before the completion of their original seven-year deal speaks volumes about their trust and commitment.

The exact duration of this new contract is yet to be revealed. However, BigHit has given a heartening assurance:All of BTS will be together after 2025.”

Members’ Current Commitments

Several members of BTS are currently immersed in their mandatory military duties. Presently, Jin and J-Hope are serving their time, and Suga is scheduled to join them shortly. While their hiatus from the music scene is unavoidable, it’s heartening to know that the group is already making plans for their return.

Where Could The Grand Reunion Be?

Now, coming to the part we’re all eagerly waiting for: where exactly will BTS have their reunion concert? Discussions of a massive BTS reunion tour have already sparked sky-high expectations from the fans. But the specific tour destinations are yet to be confirmed.

But let’s look at what’s on the rumor mill so far:

Asia: With a whopping 10 locations shortlisted, Asia is poised to have a significant share of the BTS magic. India is one of the speculated destinations. Considering the growing popularity of BTS in the country, this comes as no surprise.

Europe: Eight locations across this continent are under consideration, but the exact cities remain a mystery.

North America: The US and Canada are set to be major stops on the tour, with 11 potential locations in the US and 3 in Canada.

Latin America & Australia: While fewer in number, fans in Latin America and Australia can also look forward to witnessing the Bangtan Boys live in action with a few select locations being considered in these regions.

While the anticipation is tantalizing, it’s essential to remember that these locations are still speculative. However, given BTS’s track record of delivering nothing short of spectacular, it’s guaranteed that their 2025 reunion will be an event for the history books.

A Message from RM

Adding more credibility and excitement to the news, RM, the group’s charismatic leader, shared his joy on Instagram. The confirmation from Kim Namjoon himself has, without a doubt, put to rest any lingering uncertainties.

Image source: RM Instagram


As we await further details, the assurance that BTS will be back with a bang in 2025 is comforting. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the bond that the group shares with their ARMY, the mutual love and respect that transcends languages and borders.

For now, let’s keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the updates. Whether you’re a seasoned ARMY or a newfound fan, brace yourself for a reunion tour that promises to be legendary. 2025, we’re ready for you!

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