How Ryan Gosling Planned Every Bit of His “I’m Just Ken” Oscar Performance?

Ryan Gosling’s explosive take on “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars was not merely a performance but a carefully orchestrated spectacle that captivated audiences worldwide. Simply it is a result of the intricate planning and dedication behind the scenes that culminated in this unforgettable Oscar moment.

Months of Prep for ” I’m Just Ken “

Ryan’s journey to the Oscars stage was fueled by months of anticipation. When it was finally confirmed in February that Gosling would perform. Extensive discussions and planning with Oscars producers had been underway months before the performance.

Rehearsals of “I’m Just Ken” started just 4 weeks before the actual performance with Ryan’s Vocal team and Choreography team. The choreography team was conducted by the well-known Hollywood choreographer Mandy Moore‘s assistant Gillian Myers. Together they began searching for a “movement language” for Gosling. Since he was not only sitting and singing, but also dancing and climbing stairs while singing live.

Every Bit Was Well Planned

Oscars performance choreographer Mandy Moore revealed just how involved Gosling was. According to Moore, Gosling clearly envisioned how everything should unfold. The show’s music director Rickey Minor had a tight schedule, with only two to six hours a day to record and rehearse everything before the big day. Just a few days before the show, “cameo Kens” appeared. The original “Barbie” movie actors including Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa, and Scott Evans. That addition made the performance even cooler.

Moore also shared how serious Gosling was about getting everything just right. She pointed out that Ryan Gosling had thought out and agreed on the quick kiss he gave to the cameraman’s hand beforehand, even though it looked unplanned. This move shows how much Gosling pays attention to the little things. And how much he respects the people he works with.

Behind the Curtains with Gosling

As Mandy Moore explained, after the performance ended and the stage lights went out, it was clear how much Gosling cared about how well everything went. Right away, he started asking if the visual parts of the performance worked well and if he did a good job. Ryan Gosling’s performance at the Oscars was not just about singing and dancing. It was about putting a lot of thought and effort into making something memorable. From planning months ahead to caring about the smallest details.

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