Scientists Discover A 'Chinese Dragon' Fossil In China Newly Found Fossil Is 240 Million Years Old!

Scientists Discover A ‘Chinese Dragon’ Fossil In China | Newly Found Fossil Is 240 Million Years Old!

The scientists have stumbled upon a creature so ancient and majestic, that it resembles the mythical Chinese dragon of lore. Scientists unearthed a fossil of a 240-million-year-old Dinocephalosaurus orientalis from Guizhou province, China. This marine reptile is surprisingly similar to a ‘Chinese dragon.’ The groundbreaking discovery of this creature is a collaborative effort of many scientists across the world. The study carried out for over a decade, has finally uncovered a full description of this long-necked marine reptile. Let’s dive in to learn more about its findings. 

The Discovery: Unearthing a Mythical Creature

Back in 2003, the first pieces of this prehistoric puzzle were discovered in the rich, fossil grounds of southern China. Dinocephalosaurus orientalis has a snake-like neck sporting 32 separate vertebrae and limbs designed for aquatic life. Its appearance immediately showed similarity to the dragons of Chinese mythology. This remarkable find is detailed in the Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

The Research: A Decade of Dedication

The uncovering of Dinocephalosaurus was no small accomplishment. It took ten years of careful study by the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, Beijing, and an international team from Scotland, Germany, America, and China. Together, these scientists used cutting-edge technology to put together the life of this extraordinary creature. Their dedication sheds light on a time when the Earth was home to beings as fantastical as the stories we create.


The Dinocephalosaurus orientalis stands as an example of the wonders that await discovery, hidden in the Earth’s crust. Its revelation not only marks a significant scientific achievement but also reignites our fascination with the ancient world. It reminds us that our planet’s history is filled with creatures as incredible and mysterious as any legend.

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