Largest Ever Anaconda Found In Amazon This 26-foot-long Anaconda is As Thick As A Car Tire!

Largest Ever Anaconda Found In Amazon | This 26-foot-long Anaconda Is As Thick As A Car Tire!

Imagine stumbling upon a snake so massive, about 26 feet long, and is as thick as your car tire. That’s exactly what happened in the lush, untamed wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. Professor Freek Vonk and the National Geographic team, alongside celebrity Will Smith, found what is now considered the world’s largest anaconda. They discovered it during the filming of the “Pole to Pole” series. This discovery isn’t just a thrilling adventure tale. It’s a groundbreaking moment for scientific research and a fascinating find for wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s have a closer look at this giant in the Amazon’s waters. 

The Discovery of a Giant

Led by the fearless Professor Freek Vonk, the National Geographic team embarked on a journey that would soon carve its name in wildlife history. As they navigated the Amazon’s complex river systems, a colossal creature lurked beneath the murky waters. 

The moment they encountered this huge anaconda, measuring an astonishing 26 feet, was nothing short of breathtaking. This underwater giant has a huge head similar to the head of an average human being. Astonishingly, the research team’s evidence suggests that it weighed around 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds). Green anacondas are not just the largest ever snake, they are also the world’s heaviest snakes. 

With Will Smith in tow, this episode of the “Pole to Pole” Disney+ series gained an extra layer of intrigue. 

“I like nothing better than being overheated and under-washed while wading through swamps in search of giant snakes. This discovery is the highlight of my career.”

Professor Bryan Fry, The University of Queensland

Death of The Underwater Giant!

Unfortunately, the giant anaconda that took the world in awe has been found dead in the Brazilian Amazon. According to the authorities, it was possibly killed by a gunshot. Professor Freek Vonk of the first team to identify the Ananconda shared his anger and despise towards its death.

“With enormous pain in my heart I want to let you know that the mighty big green anaconda I swam with was found dead in the river this weekend. I’ve heard from several sides that she was shot to death, though there’s no official confirmation on the cause of death yet. I’m so sad and angry at the same time!”

Professor Freek Vonk

The snake, upon its discovery, was named Ana Julia.

Unique Characteristics of Eunectes akayima

‘Eunectes akayima’, the anaconda’s scientific title, stands as a testament to its unique nature. Dwarfing the already formidable green anaconda, this newly discovered species boasts unusual dimensions. Its sheer size and weight are not the only known surprises. The species also has a larger head and a body thicker than any snake known to man. It is set apart as a true marvel of nature.

Understanding Anacondas

Anacondas, the stealthy giants of South American waterways, have long been shrouded in mystery and awe. Their ability to navigate both land and water, coupled with their role as extreme predators, underscores their importance in maintaining ecological balance. Beyond their physical strength, anacondas carry a cultural significance, weaving into Amazonian myths and legends.

Largest Ever Anaconda Found In Amazon
Image source: The Sun
Largest Ever Anaconda Found In Amazon
Image source: Animals around the globe

Scientific and Environmental Implications

The unveiling of ‘Eunectes akayima’ opens new avenues for genetic research and offers insights into the growth patterns of anacondas. This discovery plays a crucial role in conservation efforts, emphasizing the need to protect the Amazon’s diverse ecosystem, which is vital for the survival of such extraordinary creatures.

Programs like “Pole to Pole” serve a dual purpose: they entertain and educate. By bringing such discoveries to the forefront, they foster a deeper appreciation for our planet’s wonders and the importance of environmental conservation. Celebrity involvement further boosts this message, reaching a wider audience and inspiring collective action towards preserving natural heritage.


The discovery of ‘Eunectes akayima’, the largest anaconda ever found, is a monumental achievement that underscores the importance of exploration and conservation. It reminds us of the endless mysteries awaiting discovery in the natural world and the critical role we play in safeguarding these treasures. Let us remain committed to exploring, understanding, and protecting the rich tapestry of life that flourishes on our extraordinary planet.

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