5 Unbelievable Errors in Kate Middleton’s Family Portrait Experts Can’t Ignore!

The family portrait of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and her three children, initially released to celebrate Mother’s Day, has become the center of a royal photo scandal. It was meant to convey a message of gratitude and recovery about Kate’s recent abdominal surgery. But it was quickly overshadowed by controversy. Multiple photo agencies retracted the image over concerns of potential manipulation. These are the 5 editing mistakes experts are buzzing about.

1. Princess Charlotte’s Missing Sleeve Detail

The controversy began with what experts have deemed the most glaring error: the partial disappearance of Princess Charlotte’s sleeve. Observers noted that the left sleeve and cuff of her cardigan seem to have been inexplicably altered or removed, leading to immediate allegations of photo manipulation.

2. The Princess Kate’s Mysterious Zipper

CNN’s image specialists highlighted an oddity with Princess Kate Middleton’s jacket zipper, which appears misaligned. It abruptly ends and then resumes a few centimeters away, a detail that doesn’t escape the keen eyes of those familiar with the pitfalls of photo editing.

3. Artificial Patterns in Charlotte’s Hair

An in-depth analysis by The New York Times revealed an unnatural pattern at the point where Charlotte’s hair meets her shoulder. This finding suggests an editing mishap, further fueling the speculation around the photo’s authenticity.

4. Repeating Tiles Near Prince Louis

That same scrutiny by The New York Times uncovered a peculiar repetition in the floor tiles near Prince Louis’s feet. The anomaly suggests the misuse of Photoshop’s clone stamp tool, which is used to replicate parts of an image, indicating a possible attempt to alter the original photo.

5. Misaligned Lines Behind Prince Louis

Many viewers noticed that the straight edges of the doorstep behind Louis appeared disrupted or misaligned. This detail, though seemingly minor, contributes to the overall skepticism regarding the photo’s authenticity.

Kate’s Response to the Scandal

Thirteen hours into dealing with the photo scandal backlash, Kate released a statement on Kensington Palace’s X account, saying,

As with many who enjoy photography, I sometimes experiment with editing.

Kate’s Response

She also mentioned,

I want to apologize for any misunderstanding the family photo we posted yesterday may have caused. I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Kate’s Response

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