Emotional BTS reunion in Suga's final D-Day Concert!

Emotional BTS reunion in Suga’s final D-Day Concert!

BTS fans across the world are pleasantly surprised with the recent photos of RM, J-hope, Suga, and Jin together! Suga aka Min Yoongi had his final concert of Agust D-Day tour on August 6, 2023. RM, Jin, and J-hope made a surprise appearance at Suga’s concert held at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. This emotional BTS reunion in Suga’s final D-Day Concert has left the whole BTS army in happy tears!

BTS, the popular K-pop band is currently on hiatus as the members have to serve in the army. Jin and J-hope are the only two members who are currently enlisted in the Army. Despite their busy schedule, the two and RM attended Suga’s concert. Their appearance made the whole concert memorable for their fellow member Suga and the whole fandom!

Suga also revealed his tattoo ‘7’ as a tribute to the members of BTS. He got ‘7’ tattooed on his arm and it is close to his scar from a previous shoulder dislocation surgery. All the BTS members got the matching tattoo after BTS Festa in 2022. The tattoo symbolizes their friendship and the bond that goes back decades!

RM, the leader of BTS sang with Suga on stage. He performed the song “STRANGE” and an unreleased song to surprise the audience. RM also announced that this will be the last time he will be performing on stage before he enlists in the military. “I think this is the last time I’m standing onstage before enlisting,said RM leaving the BTS army all emotional. However, his enlistment date is yet to decide.


The unexpected reunion of the BTS members has left the world emotional! Suga had been doing his solo tour over the past couple of months. His final concert of the Agust D-Day took place on August 6, 2023, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. RM, Jin, and J-hope made a heartwarming appearance on Suga’s last concert making it memorable for Suga and the fans!

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