Why Michael Jackson’s Son “Bigi” Takes Grandma Katherine To Court ?

As we approach the 15th anniversary of the passing of the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson on June 25th, it’s remarkable how his iconic music continues to captivate audiences worldwide and how his immense wealth still generates buzz in the media.

The Jackson family’s money saga has taken the internet by storm! Recently, the spotlight has been on Bigi Jackson, also known as Blanket, the 22-year-old son of the King of Pop. He made headlines by taking his grandmother, Katherine, to court. But what’s the real reason behind this legal showdown?

The Backstory

Initially Blanket and his grandma teamed up to block a major business move by the executors of Jackson’s estate. They weren’t on board with it at all. Despite presenting their case in court, the judge ruled against them, seemingly putting an end to the legal battle. The major business move has been shrouded in mystery. Based on recent reporting it seems like it is related to the deal that Michael’s estate executors, made with Sony to sell about half of Michael’s music catalog for 600 million dollars.

Why Did Bigi File A Lawsuit Against Grandma?

Now here is why Bigi Jackson declared a lawsuit against his grandmother, Katherine isn’t backing down either. She’s gearing up to appeal the ruling on the $600 million deal with Sony. However, Blanket isn’t keen on getting involved in the appeal, especially since he doesn’t want his dad’s estate to foot the bill for the legal expenses. After all, every penny counts when you’re an heir to the estate.

Blanket believes that his grandma’s appeal has little chance of success. He questions if it truly benefits the trust beneficiaries to continue the fight. In his court filing, he argues that it would be unfair to burden him and his siblings with the costs, considering the slim odds of success. With tensions running high and the family not seeing eye to eye, we’ll have to wait and see how the judge decides.

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