Michael’s Youngest Son “Blanket” Looks Shockingly Grown Up!

Are you a true Michael Jackson fan? then naturally you are a fan of his kids, right? now here is some good news for you. Bigi, Michael Jackson’s youngest, whom Michel’s fans fondly remember as Blanket, was recently spotted taking a stroll in Los Angeles, California. Yes, you read that right! After keeping a low profile, Bigi made a rare appearance, and it’s got the internet all buzzing with excitement.

Remember how you saw Bigi as this tiny, shy kid? Well, he’s not so little anymore. Standing tall at over 6 feet, he’s all grown up and was recently seen visiting the set of his dad’s upcoming biopic, Michael. it is scheduled to be released on April 18, 2025. Bigi was Spotted in casual gear and a Star Wars tee, looking pretty cool.

So, what’s Bigi been up to? Well, besides celebrating his latest birthday, he’s been making waves with his short film, “Rochelles,” showcased at the Santa Monica Film Festival. And guess what? He won the award for best drama! Bigi’s older bro gave him a shoutout on Instagram. Sharing an old-school pic of little Bigi and cheering on his win for best drama at a film fest.

Curious About the Rest of The Jackson Clan?

Prince Michael Jackson

So, first up in the Jackson crew, we’ve got Prince Michael Jackson, born in ’97 to MJ and Debbie Rowe. Prince wrapped up his business degree at Loyola Marymount in 2019 and is super into motorcycles. He even runs a YouTube channel where he shares his biking adventures in Cali and chills with his bro Bigi and cousin Taj, talking movies.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Next, we have Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, born in ’98, also in LA to MJ and Rowe. After her dad passed in 2009, Paris had a tough time, even landing in the hospital in 2015 after a suicide attempt. But she’s bounced back, rocking the music scene with her bands and even dropping a solo album, “Wilted,” in 2020.

Michael Jackson II ( Bigi )

And then there’s Bigi, the one who recently popped up out of the blue. Born in 2002, originally named Prince Michael Jackson II and nicknamed Blanket, he decided to go by Bigi in 2015. This guy’s not just hanging around; he’s making his mark as a producer and director with works likeRochelles (2024), Kingdom Come (2013), and The Jacksons: Next Generation (2015), showing he’s got some serious talent in the family tradition.

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