Things to expect from a lead paint testing

To date, lead is a cause for concern for several homeowners. Several cases related to the side effects of lead have emerged in the last 50 years. This is especially for kids with increased lead exposure. This has led to the emergence of several laws related to lead. According to the US EPA, the law includes lead in paint, air, water, dust and proper disposal of lead.
The EPA takes measures to lower the risks linked with lead. These laws are regularly updated and assessed to fight the poor effect of lead exposure. In 2019, stricter standards were set to address lead in floor, paint and window sills.
Houses built before 1978
Lead is not something new. In 1978, lead paint was banned from being used in houses and apartments. Lead paint creates a problem when it is disturbed. Houses built before 1978 has surely stood well, but lead has failed.
Homeowners who live in houses built before lead should be highly alert. They should discover the problems areas and adopt safety measures. A homeowner can end up causing more harm by disturbing the area. A lead paint testing NYC should acknowledge problems to avoid the issues.
Here are quick tips to know where lead can be seen in the house
Lead exposure creates a lot of problems. Lead paint can cover several surfaces, and older homes have higher chances. Specific areas with lead have higher risks of being disturbed.
Areas that get the highest movement are the major culprit. Handrails may prove fatal. Sometimes, it may be covered with lead paint, which is extremely hazardous. Stairs also experience high traffic. Both window sills and frames have lead paint leading to severe contamination.
Porches may have lead paint, and weathering can damage the paint. It is harmful to kids to play in such a situation.
Lead paint inspection
Often homeowners do a DIY lead inspection; however, it is suggested to get it done by the hands of professionals. The EPA has rigid rules and guidelines that the inspection team must follow. The lead inspectors are certified and professionals to do the inspection process.
There are two approaches for lead inspection:
• Lead-based paint inspection
It involves checking the inside and outside surfaces of your house to know the location of toxic lead paint. Inspectors will assess the problem areas that are tough to spot.
• Lead paint risk assessment
It includes informing the homeowners about lead paint threats on the premises. The evaluation is about finding how serious the problem is. People with proper training will efficiently investigate the lead paint threats.
Importance of lead paint testing NYC
Lead paint can cause lead poisoning, harmful to adults and kids. Hand to mouth behavior can cause immediate absorption in the bloodstream causing respiratory problems. It is suggested to get lead paint testing NYC done as soon as possible to avoid exposure to lead paint and prevent several risks.
Take the right precautions to keep your house safe. Identify the problem and create safety plans.

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