Taylor Swift's Eras Concert Film Surpasses Expendables 4 Even Before Its Release!

Taylor Swift’s Eras Concert Film Surpasses Expendables 4 Even Before Its Release!

Taylor Swift’s Era tour had been the highlight of the summer. And now she’s ready to take Hollywood by the storm! Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film is already a $100 million blockbuster. Surprisingly, it hasn’t even hit theaters yet. The upcoming movie has already sold more than $100 million in advance tickets globally as of today. Let’s find out how she does it all.

The film’s advance ticket sales have already surpassed the total box office for The Expendables 4. The movie has beaten the opening weekend for The Flash, even though it has not even been released yet. Directed by Sam Wrench, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is opening to 8,500 theaters across 100 countries in a week. The film’s distributor, AMC Entertainment has said that there is a huge demand for the film from the largest cities to the smallest towns.

The film will screen while Taylor takes a hiatus from the ongoing Era tour. This movie is expected to help Hollywood tide over the recent box office slump that has happened as a result of SAG-AFTRA actors. Those actors are currently on strike and not promoting their films. Taylor Swift will be resuming her Eras tour on November 9 in Buenos Aires. Swift’s Eras tour is on track to become the biggest concert in history, poised to collect over $1 billion in sales.

The Eras tour sold over 2.4 million tickets on the first day of the US presale alone – the most tickets sold by an artist in a day. Performing on 146 dates across five continents, it’s the biggest tour Swift has ever done. The film based on the concert will be premiering in theaters of over 100 countries on October 13, preceded by an October 11 world premiere in Los Angeles. The film expects to churn out $125 million on its opening weekend. However, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if it exceeded expectations.

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