Ella Slack, The Rehearsals Queen of the Queen Elizabeth II

Ella Slack, The Rehearsals Queen of the Queen Elizabeth II

In the grand tapestry of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, a hidden thread exists that ensures every royal event, every state occasion, runs seamlessly. It’s a question that arises in the minds of many: Who steps in for the Queen during rehearsals, ensuring everything goes smoothly? We found our answer on the internet, leading us to Ella Slack, The Rehearsals Queen of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Imagine the pressure of standing in for the Queen, the weight of an entire nation’s expectations resting on your shoulders. It’s a circumstance that few can comprehend. And until her late majesties’s death, Ella Slack served this role with grace and dedication.

Ella Slack is a name that you may not be familiar with. But her role in the royal family’s affairs is extraordinary. She served as Queen Elizabeth II’s stand-in during rehearsals for state occasions. Ella plays a crucial part in ensuring everything runs like clockwork. Her striking resemblance to Her Majesty.

Early Life and Career

Ella Slack was born in a small town in England, far from the grandeur of Buckingham Palace. Her journey into the royal world began when she joined the BBC as a production assistant. Little did she know that her career would take a remarkable turn. It led her to stand in for the Queen during rehearsals for state events. Her journey started with assisting at the Cenotaph event and gradually expanded to include a variety of state occasions.

Standing In for the Queen

Ella Slack’s role as Queen Elizabeth II’s stand-in involves many responsibilities. She has taken on this role during events like Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament. These events, often televised to millions worldwide, require precision and attention to detail. Ella has shared anecdotes of her challenges and the surreal feeling of momentarily becoming the Queen.

The Royal Carriage and Beyond

One of Ella’s unique experiences involves riding in the royal carriage and visiting iconic locations like the Tower of London. However, Ella is bound by strict protocol and follows rules diligently, such as refraining from sitting on the throne in the House of Lords. Her dedication extends to ensuring the authenticity and grandeur of these events, allowing millions to witness them without disruptions.

What drives Ella Slack to dedicate her time and effort to this role? Surprisingly, Ella has never accepted payment for her service as the Queen’s stand-in. For her, it’s not about financial gain but a deep sense of duty and honor. She has often mentioned that her role is a “pleasure and an honor” and speaks of her profound respect and admiration for Her Majesty.

However, there is no evidence about the new stand-in of King Charles iii. But in the coronation event, this place was taken by Prince William.


Ella Slack, The Rehearsals Queen of Queen Elizabeth II, may not be a household name. But her contributions to the royal family are immeasurable. Her remarkable dedication ensures that every royal event, every state occasion, is rehearsed to perfection. Ella Slack’s journey is a testament to her selflessness to Her Majesty. As we marvel at the grandeur of royal events, remember the unsung hero who ensures they unfold flawlessly. Feel free to share your thoughts on Ella Slack’s extraordinary role below.

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