Victoria Beckham Speaks About The Cheating Allegations Of David Beckham!

Victoria Beckham Speaks About The Cheating Allegations Of David Beckham!

In the new Netflix documentary titled “Beckham,” Victoria speaks about the time David Beckham was accused of cheating on her while playing in Spain in 2003. Twenty years after her husband’s alleged affair, Victoria Beckham has spoken about the moment that almost broke her marriage. Let’s look at what she had to say in the new documentary.

The documentary premieres on Wednesday, October 4th. In it, Victoria describes the pain and anxiety she had to go through while struggling to keep her marriage.

Victoria’s Beckham Sheds Light on The Allegation!

Victoria revealed, “It was the hardest period because it felt like the world was against us. Here’s the thing — we were against each other if I’m being completely honest.” “You know, up until Madrid, sometimes it felt like us against everybody else but we were together, we were connected, we had each other,” she said. “But when we were in Spain, it didn’t feel like we had each other either. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was and how it affected me. It was a nightmare. It was an absolute circus — and everyone loves it when the circus comes to town, right? Unless you’re in it.”

The couple has always denied claims that David had an affair. Also, no name of any other woman he was involved with is not named in the four-part documentary. However, Victoria had resented her husband at the time of the alleged affairs. She replied, “If I’m being totally honest, yes, I did. It was the most unhappy I have ever been in my entire life. It wasn’t that I felt unheard because I was always mindful of the focus that he needed.” It is much rumored that David allegedly had an affair with his then-personal Assistant, Rebecca Loos.

What David Beckham had to say about this controversy was that, “There were some horrible stories which were difficult to deal with.” The Netflix documentary, titled Beckham, is a four-parter covering his life from childhood to his current role as co-owner of US side Inter Miami.

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