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Viral Tweets of Queen Elisabeth II Death.

The longest monarch in British history is over with Queen Elisabeth II’s death. Here are the top viral Tweets after Queen Elisabeth II Death.

The Royal family

London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge is falling down My fair lady Build it up with iron bars Iron bars, iron bars Build it up with iron bars My fair lady God save the Queen

Princess Diana & the Queen meeting in the afterlife

This was the moment that I most respected from the Queen.

The Queen when Meghan Markle comes to say her goodbyes

The Queen after going into hospital but then realising Aaron Ramsey is playing tonight

The Queen watching Aaron Ramsay score tonight

Today, I will remember her because she would have been the Queen today.

Rest is peace your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

The Crown writers right now

Prince Charles right now.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

What will happen when the Queen dies?

The 73-Year old man finally gets a job

Mom is watching 3 different programs trying to understand if the queen is dead or not

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