After 20 Years, Why Jimmy Kimmel Decided to Leave the Late Night Show?

Jimmy Kimmel, the cherished host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for nearly two decades, is hinting about leaving his ABC late-night slot. This surprising revelation has fans and the entertainment world buzzing about the reasons behind his potential exit from late-night television.

In conversations with the Los Angeles Times and during episodes of the Strike Force Five podcast, Kimmel has opened up about the pressures of his role. He shared a particularly challenging night juggling his show and preparations for the 2024 Oscars, leading to a moment of exhaustion where he found himself longing for the end of his contract.

“I was literally nodding off onto my computer. In those moments, I think, I cannot wait until my contract is over”

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel recounted, indicating that his current contract, extending until 2025, could be his last.

Kimmel also mentioned that he’s not sure what he’ll do after his show ends, but he plans to keep busy with things he likes.

“I really enjoy cooking and drawing, and I’m thinking about trying sculpture,”

Jimmy Kimmel

He believes that when his life is coming to an end, he’ll probably wish he had time to do more things. This shows Kimmel is thinking about life after TV and wants to spend time on his hobbies.

Back in January 2003, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ hit the airwaves, introducing a new kid on the late-night block. Since then, Jimmy Kimmel has become a staple of nighttime TV, rubbing shoulders with other giants of the genre like Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. Kimmel’s charm and wit have made his show a must-visit spot for a galaxy of stars. From Hollywood legends to music icons, Kimmel has welcomed them all with his trademark humour.

Putting a full stop to his 2 decades-long journey as 2025 approaches, everyone is wondering what will happen to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and who will take over from Jimmy Kimmel as the next big late-night host.

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