Rolling Stones All Set To Release Their First Studio Album In 18 Years!

Rolling Stones All Set To Release Their First Studio Album After 18 Years!

Exciting news for fans of the Rolling Stones. They are ready to take the world of music. They spent the past few years releasing albums featuring only cover songs. And now, after a staggering 18 years, they announced the release of their original album Hackney Diamonds. What can we look forward to in this new release?

The band still features two of its original members, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The long-time drummer and founding member of the band, Charlie Watts, passed away in 2021. Some recordings with him are also in the new album. 

There is a live stream scheduled on YouTube for 6th September at 2.30 PM BST / 6.30 AM PST / 9.30 AM EST / 10.30 AM BR / 3.30 PM CET / 10.30 PM JST / 11.30 PM AEST. This event in the Hackney district of East London entails a live interview with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Ron Wood. Not just them, it even includes the infamous Jimmy Fallon.

Hackney may be at the heart of Hackney Diamonds, but this is a truly global moment we want to share with fans around the world via YouTube,” shares Rolling Stone in a press statement.

There have been many teasers leading up to this release. The trailer with Jimmy Fallon, and the fake website titled They programmed the site to crash and frustrate the visitors who hoped to listen to a snippet of one of their new releases titled “Don’t Get Angry With Me” (or “Angry”). Some were lucky and got past the error to hear this song preview.

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