Oprah And The Rock Receive Unexpected Backlash Over The Maui Relief Fund!

Oprah And The Rock Receive Unexpected Backlash Over The Maui Relief Fund!

Oprah Winfrey and The Rock are receiving some serious and unexpected backlash over the launch of the Maui Relief Fund. The two celebrities announced the fund launch on August 31, 2023. The fund aims to raise 10 Million USD to help the people who are displaced by wildfires. But many people are not happy since they themselves have millions of dollars! Let’s have a closer look.

The two Hollywood icons posted a video describing how the funds will go directly into the hands of affected people in Maui. Many are however wondering why they can’t spend any of the dollars from the millions they have. Some followers also mentioned that the fund itself is a political scam! Despite the negative feedback, they have raised 535,716.58 USD.

We were so concerned about what was happening in Maui. We were texting back and forth. And I read this article that Dolly Parton had given money in her community and I said ‘I think this is the answer,‘” said Oprah. To which The Rock Replied, ” I said I love it. “

People often have doubts when donating as to where the money goes. In the video, both Oprah and The Rock explained how their fund can be trusted. Along with how the money goes directly into the hands of the affected. But People are not all on board with their plan since it’s again taking money from regular people. Let’s see some of the comments from people and what they really think about it.

Math ain’t matching with this one. You guys literally have so much money….You can donate it and make it back within a year…,” One follower said.

Another user said, “When the celebrities get involved it’s something political.” Speculating that this is a political agenda.

Influencer, business coach, and entrepreneur Daniel Ally also shared his thoughts on the matter. He said, “They burned down Maui, now they want you to pay them more.”

Why is a billionaire and a millionaire asking us for money????,” one follower said.

The Rock also explained how the number one need of people in a crisis like this is money. Oprah also added that money going directly into the hands of people is essential. So, that they can spend the money on the needs of their family and their own. Oprah and The Rock might have actually started this with good and genuine intentions. However, from people’s perspective, it’s fair to have their fair share of doubts.

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