JK Rowling Challenged Scotland Police to Arrest Her, 10 Trangenders Involved In the Case!

JK Rowling has landed in hot water with Scottish Police authorities after she took to social media to challenge the country’s new hate crime law in a series of posts. She even dared the police to arrest her if she crossed any legal lines. What’s all behind the controversy around JK Rowling & Scotland police?

In a recent post on Rowling’s official X account, she stirred up controversy by expressing her criticism of Scotland’s newly implemented hate crime law.

Apart from her initial post, she has also described numerous transgender women as men, encompassing convicted inmates, trans advocates, and other notable figures in the public eye.
This new law in Scotland introduces the offense of “stirring up hatred” based on characteristics such as age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, or being intersex. Offenders could face a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

Initially, she brought attention to Isla Bryson. A Scottish transgender woman from Clydebank, who was convicted of sexually assaulting two women in 2023.

Next, she proceeded to reveal another case, that of Samantha Norris. A resident of Ringwood who was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to possessing thousands of indecent images of children.

Also, she mentioned another named Amy George. Who abducted a primary school pupil while dressed as a woman before assaulting the girl repeatedly over more than 24 hours.

In her X post, she exposed 10 transgenders who will fall into the protected category by the hate crime law.

After making all this public, Rowling stated.

I’m currently out of the country, but if what I’ve written here qualifies as an offense under the terms of the new act. I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.

JK Rowling

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