Stephen Colbert Responds To Jokes About Princess Kate, But No Apologies!

Is Stephen Colbert on your list of celebrities who should apologize to Kate after her cancer diagnosis disclosure on Friday? As a response late-night host Stephen Colbert made a special announcement on his jokes about Princess Kate Middleton. Shockingly Colbert faced a sudden backlash after, But why?

Acknowledged But Not Apologized!

Rather than issuing an apology for the jokes about Kate, he acknowledged and explained the joke’s origins. Colbert justified his role as a comedian. Also highlighted that many of his jokes have caused discomfort in the past and will likely do so in the future. Colbert emphasized his commitment to a standard wherein he avoids making light of someone else’s tragedy. Additionally, he clarified that he was unaware of the specific challenges Kate was confronting.

This Is Where Colbert Crossed Paths With Kate.

One of the harshest jokes he made was the one he made on March 12th. During his late-night show, he fueled rumors suggesting that Kate’s disappearance from public view might be linked to an unverified gossip about Prince William having an affair with Sarah Rose Hanbury, a British noblewoman. This only served to ignite further speculation on social media regarding the rumors.

Stephen Colbert Faced Backlash Online.

Since Colbert only acknowledged his jokes and didn’t Apologize to Kate, he got hit with some serious backlash online. On X few royal reporters shared their thoughts on Colbert’s announcement, one of the royal reporters said that late-night host wasn’t owning up to the hurt he caused.

Furthermore, an Australian entertainment reporter Peter Ford added, 

Furthermore, Ford expressed the view that nobody should be compelled to apologize insincerely. Regarding Colbert’s remarks, he mentioned,

“If you’re going to apologize, do it sincerely and thoroughly. What Colbert did seemed more about protecting himself from criticism than genuine regret.”

Peter Ford

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